You will get blockchain (no)

You will get blockchain (no)

Hello Concurseir!

From now on, I warn you: today I am going to start a new one Thread With you Let’s talk about Blockchain – So she doesn’t catch you!

Blockchain is a “trend topic” in the business world. Bitcoin has been gaining ground since its appearance in 2008. Currently, companies like binance, pixbet and others Players Of the global ecosystem Blockchain Our Brazilian football sponsorship team.

But the subject left the professional world and came to the world of competitions. This is partly due to the fact that many public and private entities are already using and implementing products / services Blockchain.


First of all, let’s go to Settings:

A blockchain is a data structure organized into a chain of blocks. In other words, it is a continuous, growing list of records. I.e., the Blockchain Decentralized digital lasers – irrevocable, secure and timestamp – enable sharing on a peer-to-peer distributed network of independent parties (known to us).

Therefore, in this data structure, the block is the smallest part Blockchain, Represents a set of facts. Subsequently, the blocks are cryptographically connected in an irreversible chain. In short, each block usually contains a pointer Hash For the previous block, a TimestampA random integer (No.) And transaction data.

See the following image of my authorship, which illustrates this data structure Blockchain (Spoiler: There was a question from Cespe who already used a similar image).


Here Blockchain, Each new transaction is recorded in a shared block and synchronized through multiple nodes without central control. Then, the consensus mechanism provides security to the chain and the way to verify its accuracy, supports its immutability.

So, the Blockchain Stores accurate information on separate nodes. This happens safely because of the consensus mechanism. Also, only new transactions are added. Therefore, previous transactions (or their data) are not changed or removed.

This allows all nodes to track transaction history. Finally, the chain created by the entire nodes shares the network transparently. See the image below, of my own authorship, describing G’s operation Blockchain.

Smart deal

In the evolution of technology, around 2015, Etherium Network introduced the concept of smart contracts or smart contracts. Thus, smart contracts are programmable electronic transactions. As such, they are computer scripts that, when triggered by a specific message, are executed by the system.

In other words, with smart contract programming, it is possible to define clauses for transactions that, once completed, auto-execute transactions. Blockchain.

Alphabet Soup

Derived from the implementation of BlockchainSome concepts or technologies also emerged, especially DAO, dAPPs and NFT.

DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are organizations that operate on their own Blockchain. DAOs use smart agreements to enable their participants to make collective decisions about the organization’s administration, operations and leadership and its operations.

dAPPs (or decentralized applications) are applications applied to blockchain that, due to their decentralized features, do not require an organization / company to guarantee their operation. Once the Smart Agreement rules are defined, the application will operate “forever” or as long as the network exists Blockchain.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token or Non-Fungible Token) is a type of digital property traded online that represents physical or digital objects such as photos, videos, music and game items. This property can only have one authorized owner at a time – registered with Blockchain.

Ufa! This “soup” has many new concepts, definitions and characters. Right now we stop here. In the next post, I will bring up some blockchain issues for comment.

Let’s get together, unravel the knowledge related to blockchain and see its collection in competitions. You won’t get blockchain – you’ll be ready!

Good study!

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