You can’t understand SEGA’s decision with Sonic

Hey, Sonic. How not to fall in love with Sega’s blue hedgehog? Charismatic and well-mannered, Mario’s “rival” always wins over fans with his disrespect and his play. The problem is, lately, our co-workers have been plagued by games that don’t seem to have a Sonic character, and the biggest franchise in the history of video games, which has been around for 30 years now.

Called the latest Sonic team game Sonic Frontiers, Has been questioned by some fans. The situation in the game is so catastrophic that they are demanding that the title be postponed in an attempt to prevent another catastrophe for Gathe. But the sad part is that most of the time, it’s not even pushed forward Sonic Frontiers What appears on the screen will change, at least when it comes to visual identity and other project bases. The game may go well, but what we’ve got so far is not exciting.

In addition, the Blue Hedgehog Company has other dubious and recent decisions, such as removing the classic game from the digital store and simply keeping it. Sonic origin Available. What’s going on between the SEGA and Sonic teams?

Skidding in the Green Hill Zone

Sonic Frontiers Do you think the runaway car is heading towards the dead end tunnel? Yes. But, this is not the first Blue Hedgehog game to have a problem. Even though the game with the dubious choices is Chaos Emeralds, Sonic already has it all and still has little space to store it. Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric It was a huge failure and the animation of the same name suffered a great deal, which at least entertained the children.

Sonic and the Black Knight, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Free Riders… The list of disappointments is too long. This is, of course, not to mention the biggest misconception in history involving our beloved hedgehog: Sonic the HedgehogNaming Sonic 06, The game that tried to reboot the franchise, but which is so bad that SEGA hides the fact whenever possible. And we still thought that after seeing Sonic the human kiss, SEGA would treat our hero more carefully. However, this seems to be difficult to do.

Believe me, there are good games that come out of this Russian roulette that became a franchise. Sonic Mania, Developed jointly by Studio PagodaWest Games and Headcannon, arrived in 2017 and is considered a welcome breath for the ballad. This is a game not created by the Sonic team, but by a group of developers who were fans of the Blue Hedgehog.

The care and love of the team changed Sonic Mania The saga was a reference to the 2D platform genre in the most fun nostalgic journey of the time. Sonic Forces Arrived the same year and was developed by the Sim Sonic team.

If hedgehogs have an identity crisis, you can be sure of the Sonic team. Although it’s a very fun game that honors the character’s origins, watch Sonic Forces Quite complicated, especially when admired Sonic Mania To compare.

Shortness of breath

If Chaos can’t fall into the Emeralds, Dr. Robotnik, it seems Sonic games can’t come under SEGA’s creative control. The order of Sonic Mania Was canceled and never received a trailer or preview. There are many speculations as to what happened, but all indicate that SEGA Japan is upset with the extremely positive results. Mania And Mania PlusSo Sonic Forces… Well, that’s one of the games so far.

Today, the western and eastern divisions of the SEGA are not strange. Even at the time of Sonic’s conception, there were complex debates between companies, and it seems that the ground becomes even more fragile when the subject is a hedgehog. When a team manages to set the tone in a Sonic game, SEGA can sever ties with the developer and be a great franchisee to drive sales and focus on creating something more belonging to the Sonic team.

Although the team says they want to take care of the 2D and 3D versions of the game, Sonic Frontiers It seems to be a beautiful attempt to present the personality in an open world. To explore Sonic, it is necessary to walk in the open air and interact with animals other than fun, live, robots or technical monsters. In a race to make his style from classic to new, Sonic races to compete.

The idea of ​​bringing Sonic to the open world is good, but what has been shown so far looks bad. Most importantly, SEGA did not create much of a revolution for this character during its 30th birthday. The company’s last Sonic Central conference, which focused on the hedgehog, was a problematic presentation, with some relevant ads and merchandising items really replacing the relevant reveals. It’s nice to know that a company is releasing a new Sonic figure, but it can be revealed in other ways without a conference.

After all, it looks like SEGA really had nothing to show for it. So why make a presentation? In the 30-year history of one of the biggest mascots in the game world, the company has bet on a remastered collection and a game that raises even more doubts about the character’s direction. Sonic does a great job with movies, though.

At the moment, it’s hard not to compare our beloved hedgehog to its longtime rival: Nintendo’s Mario. Even with the temporary publication failure of Super Mario 3D All-StarsAttempts were made to drop something similar to the character.

In an already unpublished debut, Nintendo revolutionized 2017 with a masterpiece called a franchise. Super Mario Odyssey And brought a new, unprecedented expansion Super Mario 3D World, Called Bowser’s Fury. Not to mention the spin-off of the saga, e.g. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe And Mario Strikers: Battle League. Nintendo’s plumber history isn’t perfect, but the balance is much more positive than Sonic’s, unfortunately.

Sonic brand duality

At the same time, Sonic’s success in media other than video games is undeniable. Both of the character’s live-action films are fun, lightweight, respect the source material, and provide a satisfying experience for adults like me who grew up with the character and delight the new generation looking for persona from the movies. And beyond. Media, such as animation Sonic Boom.

The next conversion is Sonic Prime, Built in partnership with Netflix and Wild Brain Studios – and it looks promising. During Sonic Central, we saw that Shadow would also be a part of the story, and we all know how much the franchise fans love Anti-Hero. Everything, including video games, is working and working for Sonic. But what could be the reason for Sega’s Blue Hero to be so successful on the big screen, but keep slipping into the game?

It’s easy and difficult to run at the same time. Sonic became a franchise that spread a large generation of people, many creative names fell in love with the character and worked. Sonic Mania Is a clear example of this passion and deserves to be quoted again. The game was originally developed by fans, developers, artists and programmers who were given the opportunity to create something official from such a beloved brand. The films, despite their feud with the ugly Sonic, gave new life to the franchise.

Sonic colors And Sonic Generations These are just two of the great examples that can provide a fun and safe experience when the Sonic team wants it. But now the possibility of what to do with this character seems to be limited in terms of developers. The realistic nature of Sonic Frontiers It’s weird and lacks personality, which doesn’t match the vibrant beauty of the ballad and the hero himself. Just like Superman should fly in the colorful sky, Sonic should run in the brightly colored field.

You can’t separate Sonic from an environment filled with robots that look like life, animals and creatures. The great grace of the world that includes character is precise. Transporting Sonic in some color conditions doesn’t seem very exciting, although trying to innovate is valid. At the end of the day, I don’t want to control Sonic, who runs on a track that seems to have been built by Sam Bridges. Death StrandingAnd I don’t think so either.

No time to run

Unfortunately, if all our worries Sonic Frontiers In fact, another catastrophe will befall us at the hands of SEGA. And the persona that I really like, the same hero that took a few hours of my life to look at is sad. Sonic adventure 2 On Dreamcast, there is a lot of anxiety and distrust right now.

I would love to be a genius and show SEGA the right way with the character, but I’m not a developer. I also know that this is not an easy task, since Sonic is 30 years old. And while betting on novelty and nostalgia, in 3D and 2D visuals, the hedgehog became a huge spiral of unrecognized endeavors that capture the charisma of the characters that make up the universe we know.

I hope SEGA understands from time to time that it’s time to evaluate what works and what doesn’t in a franchise and create a secure curriculum, albeit not so revolutionary. Sonic Mania This is a great (and perhaps unique) example in recent publications, but we can also agree that not dreaming of attracting nostalgia and daring to be a little bold doesn’t last long. On the other hand, removing the persona (I’m looking at you, Sonic 06) is never a good idea. And removing the old game from the store and replacing it with a new collection is an even worse idea.

This time when the blue hedgehog appears to be running, gaining momentum, but stumbles and loses the ring in every two games, maybe it’s time to put his foot down and wait for a really good idea to honor the developer’s legacy. Suffrage might serve as a starting point for constructive feedback from fans, right?

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