Xbox joins Pride Month with special activities

Xbox joins Pride Month with special activities

June is also known as Pride Month, the month in which all human beings celebrate equality, regardless of their sexual orientation.

While there have been a number of initiatives around the world regarding Pride Month, Xbox has also decided to partner with a number of initiatives. Come see …

According to a relatively recent study (see here), more than half of the players (52%) agree that "My identity in the game is a better reflection of myself than my identity in the real world"Video games are an important medium that gives gamers, especially in the LGBTQIA + community, the choice of who they want to be.

Last year, Xbox created a limited batch of Pride controllers and shared them with LGBTQIA + gamers and manufacturers around the world. While the response to the moderator has been positive, many have requested that Xbox be made available everywhere. And your prayers seem to have been answered.

On June 1, in an Xbox Wire post, Xbox announced the new, customizable Xbox Pride Controller, which brings together the flags of 34 communities in an incredible and interconnected way to celebrate the unity and strength of many LGBTQIA + communities.

The new controller will be available for purchase through the Xbox Design Lab from June 9 and throughout the year.

But there's more news, so the new Xbox Pride Controller isn't the only way to celebrate the Xbox LGBQTIA + community during Pride Month. It was also revealed that:

  • Share how Xbox + Microsoft returns to the LGBTQIA + community. Last year, Microsoft donated more than 8M to organizations supporting the LGBTQIA + community. Today, Microsoft and Xbox have announced an additional $ 170,000 donation to LGBQTIA + organizations, as well as the option for players to be able to donate their MS Rewards to Mermaids, OutRight Action International and the National Center for Transgender Equality.
  • Tell Me Why is announcing that it will be available for free download and play for the entire month of June. The studio behind Tell Me Way, DONTNOD will also donate to two non-profit organizations: Transgender Law Center and Trans Lifeline, which provide resources and support to trans, non-binary and gender queer people and live streams.
  • Livestream with some LGBQTIA + streamers like Nikatine, Dragtrashly, Lanieloveee, Itsmeholly and IamBrandon on Xbox's Twitch channel.
  • Offer in-game content that includes brand new icons and nameplates in Hello Infinite, as well as Rainbow Leverage with the Forza franchise
  • Pride collectible costumes from Xbox Gear Shop and more!

In addition, on June 17, Pride in VR will be experienced with the metavers event "Pride Has No Borders" organized by activists, players and advocates of LGBTQIA + communities from organizations such as Microsoft, Team Xbox and international lesbian, gay, bisexual. , Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA World) and Outright Action International. You can RSVP at

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