Would that be true  YouTube has announced that Shorts has multiple views near TikTok

Would that be true YouTube has announced that Shorts has multiple views near TikTok

Originality is the key to prosperity when it comes to content for social media, but it doesn’t seem to apply to social media. O YouTube Recently announced that his “copy TikTokAs many say, the YouTube Shorts has 1.5 billion monthly views.

YouTube Shorts is a big hit
YouTube Shorts is a big hit (Image: CardMapr.nl on Unsplash)

Small video market

The platform was launched in 2020, when YouTube tried to enter the same market for short videos as TikTok, which was a huge success. Despite strong criticism at the time, the company seems to have missed the mark.

TikTok has popularized this method. With the distinct footsteps of other social networks, the app dominated the market and today people of different ages post the most diverse types of content.

Whether the figures presented by YouTube are true or not, we do not know for sure, but they only consider profiles logged on the platform.

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The success of TikTok is not limited to the TikTok video platform Google, But other platforms have begun to invest heavily in this format. Even a social network targeting the commercial market came with this format, a Fish 30.

Yet on this subject, the Instagram Announced earlier this year that it would focus on audio-visual content and its platform would not be limited to images.

YouTube Shorts is a huge success

If the number released by YouTube is real (real people logged in), it indicates that the short video platform is successful. Some experts claim that the actual number of monthly users must be very high, because the entries published on the platform have a limit on registration and login, forgetting anonymity.

The success of the social network, according to many, is due to the support it receives from the company itself, mainly the creators of the world’s largest sharing platform have also started using shorts frequently.

Another important fact to consider is that just one click is required to go from YouTube to Shorts, and YouTube itself introduces content to its users from there.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. This was an incentive last year 100 million Paying their creators in the amount up to $ 10 thousand Per month, depending on the popularity of the content created.

Like the videos on the parent platform, the payoff was measured by the viewer’s engagement and location.

This has forced YouTube users to rethink the way they create content, as videos designed for YouTube, typically 20 to 30 minutes long, do not easily fit into the format of the new platform.

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