With an increase of up to 13%, these seven cryptocurrencies save themselves from the ‘red wave’ that plagues Bitcoin; Understand the reasons and whether it is worth investing

More than 15,000 projects in Cryptocurrency They hold significant similarities and differences between them, which explain the decline of some and the progress of others. In situations where the Bitcoin (BTC) With more than 15% drops per week, some coins are still saved over time.

But why does this happen? Well, some projects are “off the radar” of analysts and investors, and have little effect on the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

In addition, as it is more anonymous, the community supporting these lesser-known cryptocurrencies supports the value of the property, believing in the basics of that project – as it happens. memecoinsCase of Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB).

With the world’s largest cryptocurrency reporting a loss of nearly 30%, look at seven projects that have grown in the last seven days.

But first, a warning about cryptocurrency

It is worth mentioning that the digital asset market is highly volatile and any individual or group can bring in new markets. Cryptocurrency. However, this does not mean that the project is serious or that it has a future.

We selected from the top 100 projects by market value (Market cap) Because it is one of the metrics used to measure project quality according to coin market cap.

Also, you will notice that many of them have similarities Etherium (ETH), The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency and analyst’s darling. So, when looking at a project, it is better to follow what market experts say about them.

The absence of cryptocurrency or little information may indicate that the project is very recent or unknown – and the risk of investing in it increases significantly.

Now, let’s move on to this week’s rising cryptocurrency:

Market value position Boat (ticker) Price 24 hours% 7d%
18 TRON (TRX) US 0.7695 -6.53% 13.22%
96 1 inch network (1 inch) 1.29 -0.28% 12.32%
26 Algorand (something) US 0.6535 -13.90% 10.63%
50 Lata (Lata) 13.84 6.57% 8.85%
72 Zilliqa (ZIL) US 0.7287 -3.86% 3.28%
67 Curved DAO Token (CRV) 2.12 -11.93% 2.81%
73 USD Neutrino (USDN) US 0.9817 0.17% 0.57%
Source: Coin Marketcap

1 – TRON (TRX)

This is the first cryptocurrency saved in the last week Tron. Accordingly White paperIt’s a network that the developers have come up with for the project (Blockchain) Focused on Web 3.0.

It is her intention to increase the participation of content creators in the distribution of their work revenue. “Users can pay directly to the influencer of their choice without the need for a platform like Facebook or YouTube,” the text says.

Our last guest CryptoChat, CEO of Dux – Luiz Octavio Gonçalves Neto, a startup focused on Web 3.0, explained in the last program what the new generation of the Internet is. He also talks about his favorite projects related to novelty.

2 – 1 inch network (1 inch)

Following these projects, d 1 inch DeFis aims to become a protocol for optimizing negotiations in decentralized finance. This includes making the process faster, safer and of course beneficial for both parties.

The difference of 1INCH is that it is a protocol governed by an autonomous decentralized organization (Decentralized autonomous bodyOr just DAO), Where not the central developer, but the smart contract (Smart deal) Are created and validated by network participants.

The blockchain has more than 70 liquidity providers on the Ethereum network and has already received a total of US $ 187 million investment rounds of Series A (focused on project integration) and Series B (focused on expanded activities).

3 – Algorand (something)

‘S network Algorand Defines itself as a “self-sustaining, decentralized blockchain-based network project”. In other words, it is a first-rate solution (Level 1 Or L1) – or “Layer Zero”, as some analysts call it.

It supports the creation of other cryptocurrencies and digital environments as well as Etherium networks. However, it does have trade charges (Gas fee) Smaller than ETH, which usually revolves around US 25 (R $ 127) Average

4 – Lata (Lata)

Similarly, Waves Network is also a protocol called DApps (Decentralized apps Or decentralized applications) and smart contract testing.

In 2020, Waves developers integrated blockchain into the Ethereum network, transforming WAVES cryptocurrency into ERC-20 – Ethereum request for comments, Default token for creating projects in Ether.

5 – Zilliqa (ZIL)

There is another cryptocurrency that focuses on scalability, project development and affordable fees Sparkle. Currently, the network processes hundreds of transactions per second and tries to increase this number with each new update.

In addition to enabling the creation of decentralized applications, Zilliqa also works Stacking Cryptocurrency – A type of “dividend payout” in the crypto market, allowing the user to receive coins in their wallet.

6 – Curved DAO Token (CRV)

One of the most famous projects on this list, d Curved DAO token DeFis is one of the first DAO projects focused primarily on the universe.

This blockchain Automated Market Builder (AMM), provides liquidity for the main DeFi protocols available in the market.

CRV primarily helps manufacturers stablecoins To keep their tokens (cryptocurrencies) stable in times of uncertainty, which often leads to price fluctuations.

7 – USD Neutrino (USDN)

Finally, there is one of these stablecoins Available in the market, Neutrino USD. These “fixed currencies” have a 1-to-1 resemblance to other currencies – in this case, Dollars – or with objects.

Its low value against the dollar (it trades at US $ 0.98) is mainly due to the protocol adjustment and the amount of reserve required for the company to keep parity with the issuer.

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