What will the Resident Evil 2 Sega look like running on Saturn?

What will the Resident Evil 2 Sega look like running on Saturn?

See how the game goes

After 24 years, finally, Resident Evil 2 Can be seen running on hardware limitations Sega Saturn.

This is thanks to a user who built his own engine, Survival prototype engineAimed at allowing the game to run on the infamous SEGA console hardware with the original game property.

User Castor Group Uploaded a short gameplay to his YouTube channel, where we can watch Resident Evil 2 Running without sound and with a player under Clare’s control, who escapes from the road of zombies on the road Rakun city And goes through it Kendo’s gun shop You reach the famous basketball court where there are two zombies and at that moment the game ends.

This is a short video of a game running on an emulator MednafenBut still it surprises everyone who never expected to see it Resident Evil 2 Ongoing Sat. And with all that expected crunch – who played that version? Resident Evil The console tells me what I’m saying.

Also in the description of the video, user Castorgroup explains that this is not an edited version of the original game or even a port, but an engine he created and that allows the game to run within the limits of hardware. Sat..

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Get justice

Who had one Sega Saturn In the 90’s, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to play Resident Evil 2As the title hit the market the same year SEGA Decided to shut down its console, which clearly kept many companies from releasing games on the platform.

The SEGA It was already plagued by low sales of its consoles around the world, and with the bulk of these sales taking place in Japan, this led to several arcade ports and a library with some attractive titles falling to the west. Another factor is its complex hardware, which was not a big attraction for developers Game machine The future of 3D gaming.

Of course it’s not fair to say, I know, but it certainly contributed to the release of the SEGA console from the roaring sequel to Capcom’s most popular survival horror.

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But if it depends on the fans SEGALooks like some justice will be done and finally we can check a little bit what the experience of traveling by road is like. Rakun city On Saturn, the game being huge. And like myself Castor Group Replied to user on his channel:

As long as it’s fun I’ll keep working on the engine and try to incorporate game resources. For the whole game: Probably not, the scope is too big.

That is, don’t wait for the full version of Capcom’s acclaimed Survival Horror to play on Old Saturday.

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