What to expect from Xbox Series X / S racing games

What to expect from Xbox Series X / S racing games

The new “Forza Motorsport” is in the oven and will arrive in 2023. In addition to the PC, the game marks the debut of the “Motorsport” variant on the Xbox series X / S generation. Last year was the turn of “Horizon 5”, which has a very different experience.

Because “Forza Motorsport” focuses on close circuit races, not on the open world, as in the “Horizon” series. Also, “FM” with simcade style, which is a hybrid between simulator and arcade. I mean, it’s not as complicated as “Aceto Corsa” and not as common as “Need for Speed” and “Forza Horizon”, which are completely arcade.

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But what can we expect from the new “Forza Motorsport”? We’ve broken down the videos released by Microsoft, which reveal some great details.

1 – No motorsport horizon

First of all, wheat must be separated from the husk. “Motorsport” and “Horizon” have different proposals. When Microsoft launched “Forza Motorsport”, their strategy was to make the original Xbox the same competitor as the “Gran Turismo 4”.

As such, it is a game focused on more realistic driving, in which the effects of physics are closer to the simulator, but it will also be appealing to those who just want to accelerate the cool car in an informal way.

Forza Motorsport 2023 xbox series x 2
“Forza Motorsport” has the same footprint as the simulator

The game presents challenges with varying levels of difficulty, which require a little dedication from the player. It’s nice to see how each car’s dynamic behavior differs according to its engineering characteristics. On the same track, on the same curve, the front-wheel drive car behaves differently than the model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. It’s a fact that “Forza” always applies to his game.

Xbox 360 came in to compete with “Horizon”, “Need for Speed”. It’s a free world game that allows you to “ignore” the laws of physics. In this franchise, the player does not have to worry about entering the curve correctly and what will be the cost of performance in the incomplete tangent.

Conversely. In this game the player leaves the track with Lamborghini and he behaves like a Hummer H1 in the middle of the forest. It is important to increase the list of cars and face the numerous challenges.

Thus, we can say that “Forza Motorsport” will come to fulfill the desire of more accurate and less “party” driving.

2 – Graphics in Series X.

Graphics are the hallmarks of the eighth edition of “Forza Motorsport”. The game should explore all the capabilities of the Xbox Series X / S, especially the most powerful version, X, capable of running games at 4K resolution.

Shadows, reflections, smoke, rain and dust are already affected in earlier versions. Now everything is more sophisticated.

But the use of ray tracing technology in the game will be a big deal. This is a feature that is able to adjust the light transmission according to the observer’s eye position.

Forza Motorsport 2023 xbox series x6
The use of ray tracing actually distorts the reflections

In this way, the reflection of the bodywork changes not only with the displacement of the car but also when the camera that mimics the player’s scene is rotated. Like the reflection projected in the glass becomes distorted when we move our head and keep looking at it.

Highlight a river-pointing tech next to the track, in which you can clearly understand what technology represents in visual quality. But the question remains: will it all be in the final match or is it just another one of these glasses that only exists in the promotional videos?

This is because Ray Tracing requires a lot from the Xbox to be fully implemented, as it unrealistically increases the amount of data to be processed and at high speeds. But from the video of the game, what was shown is really impressive due to the high level of realism.

But history shows that what is announced is not always given. When the “Gran Turismo 7” debuted, in the PS5 version, many people devoted themselves to unraveling how the reflection on the car was projected. There were people who discovered a pattern that showed normal and unadulterated reflection.

Technically, do you know how this will change your ride? Anything. But it will make the game more beautiful in front of the eyes.

3 – Dynamic weather and climate

The video games created by the manufacturer Turn 10 offer a very interesting show of all the things that will be delivered. Dynamic weather and timing are part of the package.

This means that it may rain on one part of the track during the race and not on another. As the storm falls and then the sun shines again. That is valid for the time being. The race can start from high sun and end in darkness. “GT7” already offers these details.

Forza Motorsport 2023 xbox series x3
Climate change and over time promised to make the game more challenging

Unlike reflexes and graphical refinements, these features affect the player’s experience. This is because wet tracks change the grip of the tires and require more discretion when driving or changing compounds. The rapid passage of time also interferes with visibility, especially when the breaking reference points disappear. But these are not new features. “Project CARS 2 has been distributing it all since 2017.

4 – Forza car

Every good racing game should have a respectable car list. “Forza” has always stood for its good “curation”. The new game in the series is no different.

In the videos created for the ad, about 30 models were shown who would be in the game. This is an advantage over the more than 400 cars in the “Gran Turismo 7”, but it’s just a preview of the game’s garage.

Forza Motorsport 2023 xbox series x5
The list of the eighth games in the series has bold parts from different eras

There are brands like Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Ferrari, Honda, Lamborghini and McLaren. Also on the list are giant cars like the legendary DBR1 (which led Carol Shelby to victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959) and the GT40 Mk II, built by Texan for the 1966 race.

But some cars like the BMW M8 GTE and the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C8), as well as the great Koenigsegg Jesko, get attention. In other words, there will be no shortage of reasons to tackle challenges and snap snappers.

Damage and wear in Forza Motorsport

Game damage results will also improve. According to the manufacturer, bumps and bumps cause deformation according to the point of impact, not the “standard” dent. But from the videos, this time the car won’t break. The car may crash with full force and it will just scratch.

The game is also expected to evolve in terms of tearing and tearing. Overheating brakes, bald tires and other factors can be reviewed, depending on the manner in which the player drives the car. In “GT7” these parameters compromise the performance of the car.

5 – Forza Cluj

Turn 10 has created two videos to show the features of the game as well as some cars. However, little is known about the clues.

Most of the tech was taken from the Napa Valley track, which is the origin of the game. However, it was possible to check whether Spa Francorchamps and Laguna Seka were in the racetrack game, as well as extending Mugello’s seeming route.

The three actual tracks are already part of “Forza Motorsport 7”. In the 2017 game, there are 32 racetracks. Let’s see if it all repeats itself, or if the app can shorten the list of new features like ray tracing.

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