What is Web 3, which can transform the Internet

What is Web 3, which can transform the Internet

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC News World

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Web3, the third era of the World Wide Web, guarantees extra safety and freedom

In our hyper-connected world, which is dominated by connections to the World Wide Web, it is arduous to think about specialists arguing that the Internet wants a “large change”.

However, it is exactly this ubiquity of the net that has led an increasing number of know-how professionals to behave as the “new part” of the Internet.

They insist that the present Internet, thought-about the “second era”, have to be modified to grow to be smarter. They argue that it ought to evolve right into a “semantic net” that, along with being extra environment friendly, provides us extra management over our information.

This is what they name the creation of Web 3.0, which many in the tech business name the “Great Revolution of the Internet.”

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