VW represents the back of the second generation Amarok

VW represents the back of the second generation Amarok

Amarok teaser

Dismissed for the Brazilian market, the second generation of Amarok will be introduced on July 7

Volkswagen has posted many teasers about the new Amarok on its social networks. In the latest teaser, the manufacturer has revealed the name of the pickup highlighted on the bucket lid and the taillights in “C” along with its contour, revealing more details of the previous one. The official launch of the second generation Amarok is expected on July 7.

The short video also reveals the “V6” icon, confirming that Pickup will put the most powerful engine options in its portfolio. Coincidentally, the new V6 will have a diesel engine, in addition to four other engine options ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 with front or all-wheel drive, depending on the configuration.

The pickup will also be larger, measuring 100mm long and 175mm long at the wheelbase. This is a reflection of the platform, which will be shared with Ford Ranger. In the previous teaser, the technology of LED headlights was introduced, which will be a standard item. The more expensive versions will have an IQ.Light system, which automatically changes the intensity of the headlights so that, in addition to the luminous curve, the vision should not be blurred if the vehicle is moving in the opposite direction.

Amarok teaser

Is it in Brazil?

Unfortunately, the second generation is rejected for our market. VW has announced a US $ 250 million investment in operations in Argentina by 2026, with the aim of renewing the Amarok built at the General Pascheko plant. In other words, this product should never change here, just by acquiring a style and new safety equipment and technology. The current generation was released in 2010 and this visual update should only hit Brazilian roads in 2024.

“Right now, we are not bringing in a new generation of Amarok produced in South Africa. We also have no plans to produce locally. We will have another 10 years of the current Amarok in Pascheco, which will be built to supply Argentina and the region. The agreement with Ford to build a new generation of Amarok is part of a global agreement for companies to help each other. And it works very well globally, but here we are going the other way, “Pablo de C, executive president of Volkswagen Latin America, told Argentina’s website.

Photo: Fame / VW


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