Turned!  The year of judgment for Cristiano Ronaldo is about to begin: the future of America, life in the Cascades and the murder of the “football leak” – The Mag

Turned! The year of judgment for Cristiano Ronaldo is about to begin: the future of America, life in the Cascades and the murder of the “football leak” – The Mag

Just a week ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo received the news from Las Vegas court judge Jennifer Dorsey. The alleged infringement claim filed by Catherine Mayorga was dismissed, A new page has come in Ekka’s life. Of course, CR7 would have taken a deep breath and calculated what lies ahead: being able to travel and do business in the United States again, clean up his public image after allegations of his private life and revelations, and of course, the .6 23.6 million that Mayorga demanded of him. Save the euro.

This is the woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape

CR7 responded to what was decided. Neither he nor anyone in his family. He limited himself to posting a photo on his social networks that could not provide a better symbol of a return to the “American dream”, in the middle of summer, in which he appears, wearing a blazer over his naked body, next to his wife Georgina, just a heartbeat. Yes: Cristiano is “back and well”.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
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In fact, the decision to close the case was expected last year.When the magistrate Daniel Albregts sent an opinion to the judge, arguing that Mayorga’s lawyer “He acted in bad faith to the detriment of his client and his business. ” Why? Magistrates answer: For “receiving and using ‘Football Leaks’ documents to move the case forward”.

At the moment it’s like going back in time. In 2017, the German newspaper Der Spiegel published a lengthy article entitled “O Secreto de Ronaldo” based on documents from the “Football Leaks” investigation – yes, the same Portuguese hacker, Rui Pinto, was publicly thanked. In this case, the conversation between the players’ lawyers, among other financial matters, was revealed, About the Mayorga case and when the Americans agreed to withdraw the charges against Cristiano Ronaldo and sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for 354,644 euros (then meager) amount. We’re talking about August 2010, a year after the “Las Vegas Hotel Room episode”.

The alleged breach penthouse in Las Vegas costs 4,000 euros per night. All images

There were now conversations about the lawsuit, made public in the ‘football leak’ documents that have now come under discussion, as in the case of the magistrate, that “confidential documents have been stolen” and thus the lawyer’s behavior was discussed with the magistrate. Mayorga, while using them for client protection. That is, after calculation, The U.S. attorney was struck down, and the judge ruled that there was no coercion from Ace’s lawyers in 2010 for accepting Mayorga’s हजार 300,000 and alleged violations in a hotel room in Las Vegas. – or rather, whether or not consensual sex, the court has not ruled. End of story, filing documents, we will move on.

#METOO, ‘Football Leaks’: End of Myths

But does the peacock affair really end here? In principle, Americans can appeal the sentence. But with the magistrate’s report, the judge’s decision and the public insult from his lawyers, he is unlikely to do so. Ronaldo has always denied the allegations against him, arguing that what happened behind closed doors was consensual. He also made a statement in which he thought Rape is a “disgusting crime” and reiterates its innocence. Now the court has proved.

So what’s next And based on the above arguments, what is this “innocent release”?

Finally starting with the answer, Making a hair shelf for Mayorga is synonymous with giving another push to the #metoo “cause”. It should be noted that at a time when the golden age of the #metoo movement was beginning in the United States, with many cases of sexual harassment and sexual harassment being uncovered, the United States was filing a new lawsuit against the unit. The allegations against Harvey, one of the most famous producers in Hollywood, became the most famous Weinstein reported in the New York Press in 2017 – At the same time the Meyerga case came to light.

In the shield of this movement slander was condemned, powerful names fell by grace. Voices (including women’s voices, such as Catherine Denouve) spoke out against the “Witch Hunt” of that time, but only later, especially because of the epidemic, did the movement lose its strength. The “end” of the Mayorga affair and the notoriety of the process is yet another blow to #metoo and the condemnation of men and women who have flirted or consensual sex.

On the other hand, When Judge Jennifer Dorsey considers the documents part of the ‘football leak’ investigation to be invalid and, moreover, “stolen,” it inevitably opens the discussion at the top of other proceedings. In which the same documents can be used, especially in the context of a “white collar” crime. So, are we deciding that we can judge jurisprudence and weaken other investigations? This is an open question.

Make way for investor Ronaldo

There was a time when Ronaldo was dating a lot in New York… with Irina Shake, before their romance begins, in a never-sleeping city. There was a time when Flirted with Paris Hilton In a Las Vegas nightclub – just before the Mayorga “event”. There was another time when There was an apartment in the magnificent Trump Tower in New York And dreamed of investing in a country that has already transformed millionaire David Beckham into a super entrepreneur who invests in football, tourism, real estate and more. CR7 had also planned its future with an investment in Florida, but due to restrictions its access to the United States was limited for many years, the dream was postponed. A dream that can now come true.

Ronaldo: Donald Trump’s most famous neighbor

America’s way is open again. Ronaldo can even visit a hotel under his name – Pestana CR7 – Opened last year in Times Square, New YorkAnd where it has not yet happened.

Check out images of CR7’s new hotel in New York

In fact, taking care of business and investing is something that cannot be left behind this year, which seems to have resumed, or perhaps, to define a growing present in the future. In November, he plays the Qatar World Cup with the Portuguese jersey – Which may be your last. And bringing this trophy to Portugal and its CV is unmatched – but it still lacks this feat: winning the World Cup. Next time at Manchester United (where he wasn’t happy) everything is seemingly quiet – although Ekka’s frustration could change at any moment.

There are people who talk about a possible return to Portugal – Mother Dolores’ greatest wish – and this has contributed. Complete gas construction of the “huge” mansion in Quinta da Marinha, J, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail this week, has already “doubled” the price so that all security measures can be guaranteed there. Essential for Ekka and her family.

In other words, everything is open to Cristiano’s will, to his taste and to his will: business around the world (now includes the US), going to the cascade and when, where and how long he will continue to play football. It’s in shape, no one doubts that it needs very little to choose from. But even superheroes have to think about the future and CR7 is doing it … conscientiously.

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