True story: How Rui Pinto got away from Cristiano Ronaldo in the ‘Myorga Case’ and gave him a new free transition to the United States.

Who is to say that the documents that Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto helped expose would give Cristiano Ronaldo “freedom” in the case of alleged violations in the United States. So? Let’s start with the “beginning”:

Catherine Mayorga – who demanded more than 23 million euros in compensation for the 2009 incident in Las Vegas – was charged with rape on Friday. Will be stored.

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An email from Cristiano Ronaldo and lawyers showed that the DNA found in Catherine Mayorga’s body in 2009 matched the player’s body, and she said “no.”

The reason is that, as you said in the 42-page report, Judge Jennifer Dorsey ruled that the actions of the plaintiff, Leslie Stowell, were inconsistent with the proceedings. More specifically, the judge described Stovall’s behavior as an act of “bad faith” because he had stolen confidential documents that revealed a conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and his lawyers: “The continued use of these documents was in bad faith.”Dorsey explained in the report, thus following the appointment of Magistrate Daniel Albertgats in 2021, who had been recommended by Mayorga’s attorneys to file a case for “misconduct.”

This is the woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape

What documents are you talking about? Some of them were used by North American lawyers and come from ‘Football Leaks’ files.

Remember that Controversial documents were leaked in the famous ‘Football Leaks’, an operation involving Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto.Published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, in an article titled “Cristiano Ronaldo’s secrets”, which reported on the 2010 confidentiality agreement between the footballer and Mayorga, so that the allegations could be dropped.

On this fact, the court has the following opinion: “Ronaldo’s lawyers did not find any evidence that he threatened to force Mayorga to withdraw the complaint.” That is, the alleged rape attempt, the whole case refers to the unreliability of the documents used by the American lawyers.

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The judge has recommended that the case of alleged rape of Cristiano Ronaldo be referred to Mayorga

The judge agreed that the fact that the case was adjourned for these reasons was a “serious” approval, but clarified:Ronaldo’s prejudice will not be dispelled by the disqualification of Stowell due to improper documentation, and the confidential content is at the root of Mayorga’s allegations. Strict restrictions are deserved. “

From this moment on, Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to move around the United States again, investing – as he has in the past, before the process emerges – in business and clubs.

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