Top 7 Cheapest Universities in Belgium for International Students

Top 7 Cheapest Universities in Belgium for International Students

Belgium is a multi-lingual country that offers a quality education at a cheap price. In fact, it is one of the few countries that offer free education – only requiring very affordable registration fees along the way.

If you plan on taking your bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad, then make sure to try for any of these cheap universities in Belgium.

What Are the Requirements for Studying in Belgium?

Apart from filling out an application form, applicants need to submit requirements such as a high school/bachelor’s diploma, transcript of records, passport photocopy, resume, etc. Other documents may be needed for courses with strict selection procedures, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Engineering.

Can You Study in English at Belgian Universities?

Yes, some Belgian universities offer certain courses in English. At the University of Namur, where French is the primary medium, several bachelor’s and master’s subjects are taught in English. The same goes for Université Saint-Louis, which offers English classes in the Faculties of Philosophy, Economics, and Law.

Cheap Universities in Belgium

1. Université Libre de Bruxelles

The brainchild of lawyer and politician Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen , the Université Libre de Bruxelles or ULB is a free-education university established in the year 1834. Although it started as bilingual (teaching in both Dutch and French), the university has become predominantly French-speaking. With the tuition fee starting from $1,015 for undergraduate students, Université Libre de Bruxelles is the cheapest university in Belgium for international students.

Labeled as the fifth-best university in the country, ULB is famous for its Social, Physical, and Life Science programs. It also ranks globally in the areas of Business, Arts & Humanities, Clinical Health, and Computer Science.

ULB has the most number of foreign students in Belgium, with 31% of its 24,000+ students coming from various parts of the globe.

ULB is currently organized into the Faculties of Architecture, Physical Science, Arts & Philosophy, Psychology & Education, Law & Criminology, Social & Political Science, Science, and European Studies.

2. Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles

The Saint Louis University in Brussels – or UC Louvain Saint-Louis Brussels – is a ‘free education’ institution that specializes in the Social and Human Sciences. Formerly the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis, it has taken its current name to denote its relationship with the UC Louvain system.

The university, which has campuses in Saint-Louis and Marie-Haps, is divided into the Faculties of Philosophy, Law, Economics, Translation & Interpretation, and European Studies. All in all, these departments oversee 25 Bachelor’s programs and 2 Master’s degrees.

Although this cheap university in Belgium only has about 4,000+ students enrolled, it continues to attract learners worldwide due to its unique offerings. For one, it offers trilingual programs – as well as an English-taught Business degree. It also offers evening classes, and an opportunity to complete a double degree in certain disciplines.

3. Université de Liège

The University of Liege, one of the cheapest universities in Belgium, is an institution situated in the French region of Wallonia, Belgium. It first opened its doors in the year 1817 through the efforts of King William I of the Netherlands.

From a simple mining school, the University has become a major institution with various faculties. Today, students can specialize in the fields of Philosophy & Letters, Science, Social Science, Law & Political Science, Medicine, Applied Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agro-Science & Bioengineering, Psychology & Education, Management, and Architecture.

The university, which is ranked as one of the best in Belgium, is highly regarded for its Clinical, Physical Science, and Computer Science programs. It also ranks for the Arts & Humanities, Engineering, and Social Science.

20% of the university’s almost 21,000 students are from outside the country.

4. UC Leuven-Limburg

UC Leuven-Limburg or UCLL is one of Belgium’s youngest universities considered to be a ‘Catholic applied science school’.

Founded in the year 2014, it was created following the merger of the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg and the Leuven University College. As a member of the KU Leuven network, it operates 10 campuses in the areas of Diest, Leuven, Hasselt, Genk, and Diepenbeek.

Although the university only offers 21 bachelor’s and 13 graduate programs in Management, Technology, Health, Education, and Wellness, it has a burgeoning student population. To date, the UCLL is home to 14,500+ local and foreign students.

This popularity is attributed to the university’s wide array of English-taught programs, including a Bachelor’s in Management Marketing, International Management, and Design Thinking & Innovation. It also offers English-taught post-graduate courses in International Education, Content & Language Learning, and International Cooperation.

5. Ghent University

Ghent University, popularly known as UGhent, is a state university situated in the capital of East Flanders. Founded in 1817 by Dutch King William I, it is the first university in Belgium to use the Dutch language.

This affordable university in Belgium is currently organized into 11 faculties that oversee 130 departments. These are the Faculties of Arts & Philosophy, Law, Science, Bio-science & Engineering, Medicine & Health, Engineering & Architecture, Economics & Business, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology & Education, Pharmacy, and Political & Social Science.

As one of the biggest Flemish universities, UGhent has a whopping population of 37,000+ students. 11% of these are grouped as foreign nationals.

UGhent is not only affordable but is also ranked as the second-best educational institution in all of Belgium. As of the recent survey, it leads in the fields of Life Science and Arts & Humanities. It’s also renowned for its Clinical and Social Science programs.

6. Hasselt University

Hasselt University was founded in 1971 as the Limburgs Universitair Centrum before it changed its name in 2005. Today, the institution – which is considered one of the best ‘young’ universities in the world – has campuses in both Hasselt and Diepenbeek.

The university offers various graduate programs through the Faculties of Medicine & Life Science, Science, Engineering Technology, Business & Economics, Law, Architecture & Arts, and Transportation Science. However, it’s widely known for its Life & Clinical Health courses, followed by its Engineering and Physical Science degrees.

Despite having a small student population of only 5,500+ enrollees, the university has a growing international community. Currently, 13% of its learners are foreigners.

7. University of Antwerp

Universiteit Antwerpen is a public educational institution established in the year 1852. Also known as UA, it can trace its roots back to the Jesuit-found Sint-Ignatius Handelshogeschool. In the 1960s, it was granted university status – for which it was named the Universitaire Faculteiten Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen.

To date, the University of Antwerp offers 33 bachelor’s degrees and 69 master’s programs in the fields of Business, Arts, Applied Engineering, Law, Medicine & Health, Design Science, Pharmacy & Veterinary Science, Science, and Social Science.

As one of the best universities in Belgium, This cheap university in Belgium leads in the young school rankings (13) – and the fields of Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Arts & Humanities, and Life Sciences.

Since UA offers 13 master’s degrees in English, it has seen an influx of foreign students in search of European education. In fact, 17% of its 17,500+ student population comes from nations all across the globe.

I hope that this article on the cheap universities in Belgium for international students was helpful. To know more information like this, check out the Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

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