Top 11 Cheapest Online Schools in The World | Apply Now!

Top 11 Cheapest Online Schools in The World

Top 11 Cheapest Online Schools in The World | Apply Now!

Irrespective of what people say, you will still need to check your pocket when selecting an online school. It will pay you to select a quality, pocket-friendly online school which is why we have compiled some of the cheapest online schools in the world to take an academic program.

Here are the Top 11 Cheapest Online Schools in The World that offers quality and high standard education to students. These affordable Online Schools in the world run programs in various fields and degrees including STEM degrees at different levels.

These Online Schools are situated in different parts of the world making it possible for students to pursue and study from any part of the World.

What is the cheapest online school to attend?

Oregon State University- Tuition is $309 per credit hour

Are online schools worth it?

Online schools allow you to attend lectures from your place of comfort. The opportunity cost for an online degree is less because you can continue to earn income while pursuing your degree.

How much does online school cost?

The average online bachelor’s degree ranges from $38,496 to $60,593 in total program tuition cost, according to U.S. News data of ranked Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

How to Locate Cheapest Online Schools

It should be noted that these Online Schools are located in various parts of the world, allowing students to pursue and study from anywhere in the world. You can check Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Benefits of Attending An Online School

Online schools offer the convenience of learning from the comfort of one’s own home. It is not necessary for a student to attend school every morning or to live hundreds of miles away from his or her family in order to receive an education.

Although online learning is not new, its success demonstrates the capacity of technology to increase college access and affordability. It’s critical to select an inexpensive education during these time of economic turmoil.

World Education

According to Wikipedia, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.

In today’s world, education is becoming an absolute necessity. Even if one chooses a profession like sports or any other where one does not need higher education, still a basic level of education and knowledge is required in all fields of life. Education like any other necessity of life like food, clothes, or shelter, does require a price to be paid.

Well in most cases this is a small amount but at times during higher education, this might not be such a small amount, and it might put a little pressure on our pockets. Well not anymore, today’s well-developed education system allows us to do higher education even at a minimal cost without spending much.

Along with the monetary factor, online schooling also has the advantage of learning from home. It does not require a student to go to school every morning or stay thousands of miles away from the family just for education. This is the list of the top 11 cheapest online schools in the world in 2022.

List of the World’s Top 11 Cheapest Online Schools in 2022


#1. IU INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (From $89 per month, programme dependant)

For affordable quality, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is a great choice—and 70,000 students already study there. As a pioneer in online education, IU is already much more reasonably priced than traditional universities. The German accredited university additionally offers flexible study models as well as various pricing and payment options.

IU aims to support as many students as possible get into great careers and offers very competitive scholarships. In contrast to other universities, IU offers scholarships that are based entirely on your individual situation. Depending on your chosen program, your academic background, professional circumstance, and region, IU Study Advisors will assess what percentage you can save on your tuition fees. You have a high chance of gaining 80% off.

#2. CAPELLA UNIVERSITY (Net price – $450 per credit hour)

This prestigious institution was founded by Dr. Harold Abel and Stephen Shank in 1993. It has its headquarters in Minnesota, USA. Richard Senese is the current President looking after this institution.

With an administrative staff of 1,519 members, this school provides an education to 35,889 students all over the world. It is famous for its bachelor’s degree, but students may also obtain a master’s and doctorate’s degree.

#3. COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (Net price – $430 per credit hour)

Colorado Technical University was established in 1965 for military personnel. Connie Jhonson is the current Provost of the institution. It is situated in Colorado, United States.

The institution receives most of its funds and aids from the United States Government. Colorado Technical University provides an education to more than 30,000 students all over the world. This institute mainly focuses on providing engineering courses, but in recent times it has come under investigation due to false information provided about placements and job recruitments.

#4. HERZING UNIVERSITY (Net price – $420 per credit hour)

This private non-profit university was established by Suzanne and Henry Herzing at Wisconsin, USA, in the year 1965. Renee Herzing is the present President looking after this institute.

It also has a branch in Canada. Currently, this university provides education to 6,032 students all over the world. Herzing University offers a wide variety of courses including health care and business courses.

#5. AMERICAN INTERCONTINENTAL UNIVERSITY (Net price – $330 per credit hour)

Jack and Helen Barnette established this institution in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 1970. It was initially known as The American Fashion School of Switzerland.

George P Miller is the present Chancellor and President of this university. The university has four campuses in the USA including one online campus at Schaumburg, Illinois. The American InterContinental University provides an education to around 15,500 students all over the world and follows the motto, “The Serious U.” It is well renowned for its courses in business administration and accounting.

#6. WALDEN UNIVERSITY (Net price – $290 per credit hour)

Bernie and Rita Turner founded Walden University in the year 1970. It is situated in Minnesota, USA. It is looked after and run by Laureate Education Incorporation.

This institution is famous for its bachelor’s and nursing courses. Walden University works on the quarter system. It provides education to 48,982 students all over the world and follows the motto, “A higher degree. A higher purpose”.

#7. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS (Net price – $260 per credit hour)

Oregon State University was established in 1868 in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Edward John Ray is the current President of this institution. It is affiliated with APLU and provides an education to 30,058 students all over the world.

In 2002, the Ecampus system was formed by the substitution of its distance courses. At present, it provides more than forty different types of online programs.

#8. WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY (Net price – $250 per credit hour)

This university was founded in 1997, and the idea was first proposed in 1995 by Mike Leavitt, the then Governor of Utah.

This nonprofit institution is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Scott D Pulsipher is the present President of this institution.

With an academic staff of 2,000 members, Western Governors University gives education to 71,095 students at the moment and follows the motto, “A New Kind of U.”

#9. COLUMBIA COLLEGE (Net price – $240 per credit hour)

A private institution was established in the year 1754 during the time of King George II of Great Britain. It is situated in New York, USA. It is affiliated with Columbia University. James J Valentini is the present Dean of the institution.

Currently, it provides an education to 4,656 students. Columbia College offers a great variety of courses. Courses start at five different session times all around the year.

#10. FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY (Net price – $176 per credit hour)

This university was established by William S Picken in 1902 on the grounds of Fort Hay in Kansas. Mirta Martin is the current President of this institution. With an academic staff of 851 members, it provides an education to 14,210 students.

This institution is famous for its online bachelor’s degree. The Fort Hays State University follows the motto, “Forward-thinking. World ready”.

#11. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING (Net price – $106 per credit hour)

The university was founded in 1886 and since then it has been providing quality education to its students for more than a century.

It is located in Laramie, Wyoming. The University of Wyoming is affiliated with APLU. Laurie Nicholas is the present President of this institution.

With an administrative staff of 1,846 members and an academic staff of 1,151 members, it provides an education to 13,992 students.

So today’s education system does not demand huge costs, but only a student is keen interested in that particular branch of study. That was the list of top affordable online schools in 2022.

How Do I Find An Affordable Online School?

It can be difficult to locate the most affordable online universities. As a result, Marlenclub has once again combed through the data to find the world’s cheapest online colleges for our readers.

These institutions have been verified for quality variables such as student-faculty ratio, freshman retention, published rankings, graduation rate, employer reputation, financial aid, and online technologies, in addition to charging the lowest tuition.

How to Enroll in an Online School

Research the schools in your region and see which the best fit is for you

Different online schools have different methods, but the classes are delivered online, and assignments and tests are also taken online. Before enrolling, it is important to check a school’s accreditation. Accreditation is a way to rank institutions, certifying that they provide a quality education.

Check the availability of courses.

Make sure the program is offered in your region and that you are eligible. It is really important to check the course you want to take is available at your region and you meet with the eligibility criteria.

Visit the school’s website and follow their instructions.

Each school has their own enrollment procedures. Follow the instructions given by school carefully to ensure that you choose the class you desire. Each school has academic advisor so contact to them if there is any doubt.

Provide your info to the school.

Complete the forms and send certain documents to the school you have selected. The school’s counselor will guide you further. Once you have sent the required documents to the school, the school will verify the forms and documents and notify you if any document is missing.

Start your courses.

After the verification procedure school will provide you the details of the virtual classes. There is no classroom time, you will have to make your own schedule to learn and complete assignments.

Hundreds of schools offer online classes, and it can often be difficult to choose which is best fit for you. So make sure the school offers variety of courses that interest you. Make sure the school is accredited by reliable agency and also be sure to note the difference between regional and national accreditation.
It’s good to talk others in your locality who has already taken online classes. Learn about their experiences. Read out the testimonials of students available on the site and know what others feel about the school.

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