Top 10 Highest Paid Military Forces in the World

Top 10 Highest Paid Military Forces in the World

Top 10 Highest Paid Military Forces in the World- The world is changing rapidly, nowhere more clearly than in terms of working for the military. Once considered a poor paying career, in recent years such a narrative has shifted dramatically.

This trend of increased pay and benefits rings especially true for many branches of the military around the world. Yes, there are some entries into this list from the American military, but the top ten features unexpected branches from all over the globe, from powerful and prestigious to smaller and unexpected.

If you are a veteran, actively serving or a recruit, do you think your branch of service made the cut? If you have an unending interest in joining the military but want to get paid what you’re worth, here are the world’s 10 highest paid military branches.

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What Military Branch Pays the Most?

The Australian Defence Force is the military branch that pays the most. it offers a base pay of approximately $30,000 US dollars.

This highest paying military branch pays the best. It offers allowances and benefits (including housing and uniforms allowances) that make the end resulting pay nearly double that figure for entry-level recruits.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the military organization responsible for the defense of the Commonwealth of Australia and its national interests.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), and several “tri-service” un are all part of the ADF.

What Military Branch Pays the Most Starting Salary?

Salary across the US military is paid according to rank. US Military branch pays the most starting salary as an enlisted service member in their first six months earn about $20, 000 per year.

The US military officer pay is much higher as newly commissioned officers earn over $38, 000 annually. The figures here are base-pay. A military officer in the US branch also enjoys allowances for housing, food, uniforms, and job-specific bonuses.

What is the Best Military Branch?

The best military branch across the globe is the U.S Marine Corps. With a 4.2 star rating, the Marine corps is the top-rated military service branch based on career reviews on Glassdoor.

Basically, the US Army offers the exact same federal benefits as all other branches. Military service members pride themselves in being soldiers in the best military branch in the world.

How the military operates and function

The military, consisting of the Army, Navy, Air force and Marine Corps are well trained and armed personnel that protects the sovereignty of a country. They are trained for warfare, and if a country is invaded by another country, the military will be summoned to repel the invasion.  They also secure the borders of a country from transgression or attack in their territory, be it on land, sea or air.

Top 5 Countries with the largest military personnel and reserve

Let us look at the heavyweights in military power around the globe before we fully go into the highest paid military in the world.


People’s Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).

The Chinese People Liberation Army Ground Force is the largest army on the surface of the earth, with a staggering number of active-duty personnel of 2,185,000 and 510,000 as a reserve.


The Indian Army is second on the list with active-duty personnel of 1,455,550 and a reserve of 1,155,000.


Next,  we have the U.S. Army with a total number of 1,388,100 active-duty and 442,000 on reserve.

North Korea  

The Korean People’s Army Ground Force (KPAGF).

Known for testing ballistic missiles more often, the Korean People’s Ground Force is one of the largest armies, with 1,280,000 active-duty personnel and 600,000 placed on reserve.


Ground Forces of the Russian Federation.

The Ground Forces of the Russian Federation makes it to this list of largest armies in the world, with a number of 1,014,000 active-duty and 250,000 on reserve.

The magnitude of these (above mentioned) countries military Arsenal

This article promises to discuss the highest paid military in the world, but we have decided to make it ad holistic as possible as we want to talk about the magnitude of the (above mentioned) countries’ military Arsenal.

China (People’s Liberation Army Ground Force)

The Chinese Army possesses:

  • Tanks – 9,150
  • Aircrafts -13,892
  • Submarines – 67
  • Armored fighting vehicles – 22,921
  • Assault vehicles – 1,200
  • Infantry fighting vehicles – 6,700
  • Artilleries – 9,204


The Indian Army Arsenal holds.

  • Tanks – 4,773
  • Aircraft – 1,905
  • Artilleries– 1,338
  • Submarines – 15


  • Tanks – 8,848
  • Aircraft – 13,892
  • Submarines – 75
  • Armoured personnel carrier – 6,000
  • Russia  Tanks – 15,398
  • Aircraft– 3,428
  • Submarines– 55
  • North Korea Tanks – 4,300
  • Aircraft – 950
  • Submarines – 65
  • Artilleries – 5,500

Countries without military personnel

Many countries around the world do not own a standing military power. Take Andorra for instance, they signed a treaty with France and Spain for military protection.

Here are the 36 countries without any military.

Andorra, Aruba, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominica, Falkland Islands,

Faroe  Islands, French Polynesia, Greenland, Iceland, Kiribati, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macau,

Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Federation States of Micronesia, Monaco, Montserrat, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Panama, St Lucia, St Vincent, Samoa, San Marino, Sint Maarten, Solomon Islands, Svalbard, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.

Countries that implement mandatory military service

There are several countries around the world that implemented mandatory military service, some of these service times can last up to 13 years.

The mandatory military service starts for men as young as 17 years and ends by age 30.

Here are the countries with mandatory military service years.

Israel, Bermuda, Brazil, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Highest paid military officer (post)

Earning a whopping $90,00 annually, the highest-paid military officer is an individual occupying the position of sergeant major of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Highest paying military careers

This section of this article contains information on the highest paid military careers anyone can get into after which we will discuss the highest paid military in the world. If you are going to go into any career in the military, you can consider any of the careers listed below.

Military Dental Laboratory Technicians  

One of my notable careers in the military is as a dental laboratory technician. The dental laboratory technician is responsible for the construction,  repairs of dentures and dental appliances, such as maxillofacial surgical devices etc.

The average annual salary of a dental laboratory technician is $158,901.these technicians make good healthcare services available by collaborating with dentists to better improve a patient’s appearance.

Military Pharmacists  

Active-duty military personnel on tours are always prone to injuries, be it Gun Shot Wounds (GSW) or injuries sustained from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The pharmacist provides medications to patients, and guide’s them to adequate usage of medications. Military Pharmacists also enlightens physician and medical practitioners on the selection of drugs, side effects of drugs and proper dosages for patient consumption.

The vital role they play in the healthcare system in the military earns them an average annual salary of $137,992.

Military Internist

Military internists are known to be valuable in running diagnoses, treatment prescriptions, examine and interpreting test results for patients.

Earning them an average annual salary of $135,362. These military internists also provide medical care with expertise.

Military Documents Security Specialists

The military document security specialists are responsible for overseeing logistics on sensitive materials in the military. They safeguard the delivery and storage of these materials on confidential levels. They also.  manage security procedures for different security programs.  The functions of military documents security specialists make them earn an average annual salary of $134,291.

Military Space Operations Officers

The military space Operations officers are usually involved in space-related activities such as flight planning, mission control, training etc. They are also involved in the launching spacecraft into orbit and recovery of the spacecraft.

Space operation officers oversee space operation on space warning, surveillance and orbital analysis. They also partake in space lift operation and prediction of a satellite position in orbit.

Space operation officers receive an average annual salary of $133,035.

Military Data Analysts

The military data analyst operates in conducting adequate quantitative and qualitative military activities. These military activities consist of combat operation, fore design, logistics etc.

The military data analyst mathematically and scientifically collects adequate military-related data for analysis. They earn an average annual salary of $133,035.

Military physicists

Earning an average annual salary of $130,580. Military physicists are responsible for testing many physical properties of materials, which also involves living organisms affecting matter.  This physicist also carries out research on different areas for scientific and technological advancement.

Military Nuclear Engineers.

The military nuclear engineers engage in a wide range of research on nuclear energy. These nuclear engineers conduct analyses on the amount of energy released in a nuclear reaction.  These nuclear engineers prioritize the security and maintenance of a nuclear warhead. It is also their sole responsibility to safeguard all working personnel handling nuclear materials. The average annual salary of a military  nuclear engineer is $130,580

Military Chemist

The military chemist is responsible for conducting research on chemical, radiological and biological agents that poses a threat to the lives of military personnel.

The military chemist oversees the handling and use of lubricant and synthetic fuel. These military chemists are also engaged in developing methods, techniques and policies in areas such as chemists and weapons of mass destruction. They earn an average annual salary of $124,495.

Top 10 Highest paid military in the world

10) Royal Air Force (UK)

One of the most historically prestigious branches of military service in the world also pays to match the reputation.

The qualifications for joining do not come easy, but if you can hack the standard, you can find yourself getting around 28,000$ in the US in base pay as a recruit and not have to find yourself amid the dangers found at the front lines.

You would also have the distinct honor of being among the decorated history of the RAF both within England and internationally. This is the least Highest Paid Military Branch on this list.

9)  Japanese Self-Defense Forces-

While the base pay is not at the top of the list, your number one draw is the lump sum payment that comes upon retirement from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Yes, you would be taxed on the payment, but after years of service, who would not want a chunk of change that often comes in at more than $100,000 US?

If you want a bit of a retirement parachute from your years of hard work- then you should already be looking at what you can do to join the JSDF.

8) United States Marine Corp-

Yes, the base pay if you join the USMC is the same as in other US military branches. But the difference comes in with the risks and opportunities for payment (and advancement) that you will have access to once you pass the gruelling basic training for new recruits.

Possible additional pay comes in from deployment, parachute jumps, and repeated tours of duty. The branch also offers very generous benefits including housing allowances and 30 days of PTO. This is another Highest-Paid Military Branch in the world.

7) German Army-

If you join the German army, you are probably looking towards the benefits that come along with it. Yes, the base pay is decent, but the massive infrastructure and social programs are the true draws.

Among the best aspects of the German Army’s pay and benefits program is its generous pension program that comes along with being a citizen of Germany and ensures a safe and dignified retirement.

6) French Foreign Legion-

If you seek a bit of a more international experience while getting paid properly for your efforts, then the French Foreign Legion is a fit for you.

While initial base pay might be relatively low, the appeal jumps massively when you consider the huge pay bumps if you serve on an overseas deployment with the French Foreign Legion (upwards of $4,000 US a month).

If seeing the world is in the cards for your career, then this is the branch to join and pad your wallet. They are among the highest-paid military branch.

5) United States Air Force-

While the initial base-pay, if you join the USAF, it is identical across every United States branch. The pay is around $20,000 per year.

This relatively low pay is made up for by a myriad of benefits, including housing allowances, educational grants, and deployment pay.

This rings true for every branch of the US military, but the specialized nature of the USAF allows for the most extensive room for growth in terms of compensation.

Put on top of this that you can retire in 20 years and this is definitely a route to go that will keep you further out of harm’s way than in other branches. It is among the highest paid military branch.

4) Royal New Zealand Air Force-

If you can manage to get past the strict standards, then this might be one of the ‘cushiest’ military gigs you can land anywhere in the world.

The base pay range is quite high, around $34,000 US a year, and does offer benefits including childcare, paid leave, and educational grants.

Additionally, you get to spend your career zipping around the scenic vistas of New Zealand. So, if you can manage it, fly into a role in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

3) British Army-

The British Army has one of the most established and comprehensive systems of compensation and benefits that one can join into.

Base pay for a recruit into the army is around $28,000 USD per year. But also includes a myriad of benefits including pay for hazardous conditions and a progressive pay scale.

This is only possible if you can hack the stringent requirements needed to advance through the ranks of being a soldier for the Queen of England. It is one of the highest paid military branch.

2) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)-

This umbrella body of the Canadian military offers outstanding base pay for new recruits no matter which area you join.

As a recruit, you earn approximately upwards of $30,000 US and that pay can range up quite a bit higher.

The only reason this branch of the military isn’t in our number one spot is due to a slight lack of total benefits (although with health care and allowances, you won’t exactly be lacking if you join ranks into the CAF) when compared to our top spot. It is one of the second highest-paid military branches.

1) Australian Defence Force-

This branch from down under boasts close to the highest dollar amount of Earth. But it truly takes the top slot as the benefits and allowance pay shoots it past other global military branches.

In addition, base pay of approximately $30,000 US dollars, the ADF also offers allowances and benefits (including housing and uniforms allowances) that make the end resulting pay nearly double that figure for entry-level recruits. For overall pay and benefits, you simply can do no better than the ADF.

This is the highest paid military branch.


The military is the top security of any sovereign state, to deter invasion, man and protect territorial borders.

Most first-world countries in the world, technologically improve their military operation and also technologically aid their military personnel in action to function easily. Currently, nations around the world spend heavily on funding their military power and expansion.

This article talks about the highest paid military in the world and other important information and we believe this article provided you with information you need to know.

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