There’s a way to stick to the outlet!  Galaxy S22 Plus Flat Wheel

There’s a way to stick to the outlet! Galaxy S22 Plus Flat Wheel

We continue our S22 Plus streak at Roda Liso. He did very well in the first round, but will he be able to stay with the Galaxy S22 Ultra in our round 2?

Information sheet

It’s been a while since the S22 Plus came out of Samsung’s oven: February 2022 was its official launch. In the brain of this war tank a The Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor works in conjunction with Qualcomm’s most advanced, Adreno 730 GPU. As a reminder, today we have a unique option of 8 GB RAM, with 128 GB storage. Looking at our competitor’s screen, it has a physical size 6.6 “dynamic AMOLED display with full HD resolution and a very high refresh rate of 120Hz. , Which supports 4500mAh power capacity.

>> See the complete datasheet of Galaxy S22 Plus

Since our last video with this little boy is here, its price has gone up. It’s coming out today for the price of BRL 5,889.00.

What we play

A new selection of games is coming. We’ve put together a total of 7 games with one replacement, so there are 2 new games. They are: Fortnite, Marvel Future Revolution, Mortal Kombat, League of Legends: Wild Rift, COD Mobile in multiplayer modeToo many requests Standoff 2 And brand new Immortal Diablo, Which takes at least 7 hours to download. And if you are a person who pays attention to things, then you have noticed Minecraft is no longer on the list. We removed it because the game is a terrible way to measure performance, because all the worlds are different and you always complained that testing on it was not very reliable.


We’ve said this before, but it doesn’t bother to reiterate that the rival at the time was the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as the first round of the S22 Plus’s Roda Liso. The two are very similar and very competitive when it comes to raw performance in the game. And of course, both are flagships, right, the competition is fierce and everything we play here will be of high graphic quality, right? Let’s get started.


We open our game list with Fortnite as usual. The performance here was a show of ball, fluid and continuous gameplay, without much stuttering and stuttering. The Galaxy S22 Plus reached an average FPS of 60, which is less than 40. The ultra average framerate has a lot in common with the opponent, as he scored 57 points, but he really struggled at the minimum FPS, reaching only 25.

However, both receive Seal Smooth wheel3 Fortnite ran very well.

Miracles future revolution

Our favorite superhero game is here, and it worked well on our smartphones. On the S22 Plus, for example, it was full gauge: 60 frames with 100% stability. Its autonomy unfortunately reaches the range of 1: 30h, which is far below our standards. Very little, really. For the S22 Ultra, it also performed well at 100% with 60 FPS, only its autonomy was a bit higher, you had a total 3:40h play time.

Anyway, Seal Smooth wheel3 For the two smartphones, the S22 Ultra has just a few feet on the front.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is coming to give us the highest number in the video as usual. Here, the S22 Plus took an average of 120 frames with 99% stability. Its autonomy was not as low here as in other sports: 2:50h long. The S22 Ultra won a bit, as it also hits 120 FPS, but with 100% stability, super rated. Ultra’s autonomy was also superior, reaching 3:30h.

3Competitive wheel seal For both devices.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This is always a good time to make lolzinho dough, isn’t it? Next, I was particularly disappointed with the performance of the two smartphones, the S22 Plus and the Ultra. Plus got an average of 60 frames with 100% stability and a duration of 3:35 hours. The Ultra got almost the same performance number, it was 60 frames with 98% stability and battery life was 3:40h. Come on, here I was disappointed once again that no smartphone supports more than 60 framerate.

I was expecting Lolzinho to run at least 90 FPS very smoothly, but unfortunately we have to do what we have: Seal Smooth wheel3

COD Mobile (MJ)

Again with COD, but this time testing in multiplayer mode and with moderate graphics, trying to reach more than the traditional 60 framerate. Unfortunately the S22 Plus did not go beyond the traditional performance, as its average frame rate was 60, 100% stability and 2: 40h battery life. The Ultra got the same number, except for the battery life, which was 3:00 hours longer, slightly longer than the competitor.

This is not a bad thing at all, just expect a bit more from the flagship. Seal Smooth wheel3

Standoff 2

Roda Liso starring in Round 2 we have a very requested CS mobile … I mean, standoff 2. The gameplay was very smooth and we had practically no problem running small games. With maximum graphics, we got an average of 120 frames and 3: 00h battery life with 100% stability.

I like to see that here the S22 Plus took us beyond 60 and let us play at 120, a big advance, 3Competitive wheel seal

Immortal Diablo

Everyone is waiting for Diablo, because the game has just come out and is making a lot of noise. Despite a lot of people criticizing the game, it’s still a great benchmark for our channel, so let’s give it a try. The S22 Plus managed to hit and took the RPG on its back with 59 average frames and 100% stability. Its autonomy was a sad thing, because it only lasted 2:00 hours.

Anyway, if you have S22 Plus, you can easily install it, just be patient to download all the endless content of the game, that’s really a lot. Seal Smooth wheel3


We set the ambient temperature at 24 ° C and after a few games of COD Mobile Battle Royale, went to S22 Plus14 COn its surface, a high number which can be very uncomfortable on hot days.


With this round of games we end the cycle of S22 Plus on the channel here. Smartphones are great for gaming, in terms of functionality you won’t have any problems, but, you have to have fun sticking to the socket. The battery life of the S22 Plus will really give you a headache, which is one of the lowest battery ever on our channel. Otherwise, you can go without fear, because here this guy fights with Ultra.

In addition, the Galaxy S22 Plus is proudly receiving the Roda Competitive Seal in our Round 2 of the Roda Liso.


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