There is already a Portuguese Reddit: the Tal Canal is the site of a new national debate

There is already a Portuguese Reddit: the Tal Canal is the site of a new national debate

Tal Canal is one of the most recent internet projects in Portugal, with the aim of “promoting discussion and interaction among the Portuguese people”, along with the social network’s DNA. According to the site’s creators, Tânia Carvalho and André Santos, the name was chosen to honor a television program created by Herman Jose and aired on RTP between 1983 and 1984.

“We chose this name as a way to honor one of our favorite shows. In addition, we thought the name was ideal, because the ‘core’ of our platform is a variety of channels of information and entertainment, as was the case in the Herman program.

However, and as this could lead to legal issues, before starting Tal Canal, Tania Carvalho and Andre Santos spoke “directly” to Herman Jose and later to RTP – none of which caused any problems and the name was also used to give “life”. This Portuguese Reddit.

Karma: Reddit-inspired social scores

In fact, this link is taken for granted by Tania Carvalho, as Tal Canal is described as a «Reddit-like use आधारित based on 28 talk channels (on the site, they are called ‘channels’) that are subscribed to as soon as we create. Site account: art, cryptocurrency, music, technology, nostalgia or podcast, for example.

© Such a channel / DR.
© Such a channel / DR. | Without anyone upvoting our post (green arrow at the bottom), we get karma points.

Like Reddit, it is possible to “share stories, videos, links and comment on other users’ posts,” says Tânia Carvalho. Every post made is also on the “mercy” of the vote – the top arrow is a positive vote and the bottom arrow is a negative.

The more upvotes a user has, the more ‘karma’ (a kind of social score, which also exists on Reddit) wins: «Depending on the rules established in each channel (manual and automatic), users with less karma may have posts. And the comments were rejected », the founder explains.

Random chat to talk to other users

Currently, the objectives of the Tal Canal are clear: “Our focus in this first phase is to focus on the discussion groups.” However, Tania Carvalho points to other flights: “We want a context in terms of communication and technology in Portugal.”

In addition to the ‘channel’ (there is a possibility of creating one for the user), Tal Canal also has a news area with many other national sources including current affairs, sports, politics and technology.

© Such a channel / DR.
© Such a channel / DR.

Other features of the Rhythm Canal include a play area (which already includes the Portuguese version of Quina, Verdal – also created by the pair, who are in charge of the design agency Iconica) and a conversation area, Chat da Treta, where we can talk. For random user.

“In the future, we want to add more features and new services, such as shops, jobs, accommodation, events, etc., making Tal Canal a more robust, complete, comprehensive and useful portal,” concluded Tania Carvalho.

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