The NFTs auction of tiles commemorating Allah starts from Celaron Stairs

The NFTs auction of tiles commemorating Allah starts from Celaron Stairs

The lye (Independent League of Tourism Guides of Rio de Janeiro) Celaron Peace of the WorldHas just minted two tiles in the NFT (non-fungible token) in the name of Allah, which authorized Rio City HallWill be migrating in the last month of April Celaron Gina Which connects the neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa.

This type of auction started this week and will run until June 5. The initial value of each NFT – 500 ETH (equivalent to US $ 981,000 at today’s exchange rate) would be the total amount needed to restore and interact with educational programs related to religious intolerance. Neighborhood and organized civil society.

There are tiles “there There is no victory without Allah(Allah is victorious), which caused controversy on social networks after the visit of the Arab influencer. Thawab Escadaria forced Selarón and Rio’s Independent League of Tourism Guides and the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana do Rio de Janeiro to make an official request for the restoration of the tile. “Mecca to Rio”, Which will also be relocated to the Celaron Stairs.

After the victory with the restoration of 6 Islamic tiles, we need to raise funds for this work and to restore the entire staircase. In addition, our goal is to create an endowment fund that will never again require money from the government to take care of our Celeron Steps. That’s why we’re launching an auction of two NFTs representing the tiles to be restored.Says Andre AnguloProject creator and coordinator.

Tourist guide Invited to visit Saudi Arabia

In June last year, the digital influencer ThawabFrom Saudi Arabia, a tile with an inscription was seen near the floor.Allah is victorious“Religious names that are close to the ground would be disrespectful to Islam. Publications that have a profound effect on social networks in the Middle East. Aline Vienna As a tour guide accompanying Thawab on the Celeron Steps tour.

Aline Vienna was invited to visit Saudi Arabia on a two-week trip that began last Sunday. Alain says she befriended an influential friend and was pleased with the authorization of the restoration of Thawab Tiles. “Whenever I went to a meeting at Rio’s City Hall (related to relocation) or when the news came I would tell him. So we were just as excited for this result and were able to share it with everyone.“Tell the tour guide.

Alain Vienna’s invitation to visit Saudi Arabia came in July 2021, at the beginning of a request to relocate the tile in question, and it was a way to thank her for her initiative in helping the Islamic community. During the visit, Alain will visit the capital Riyadh, as well as the cities of Al-Ula and Jeddah. Returns are scheduled for June 5, the day the NFTS auction of Islamic tiles ends.

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