The new fund wants to keep “legal” metavers within the reach of investors

The new fund wants to keep “legal” metavers within the reach of investors

Various crypto developers are working to bring metavars to life through platforms, assets, tools or infrastructure. Now, one of the leading voices in Metavers has launched an index fund focusing on crypto assets connected to the next generation of the Internet.

On Tuesday (7), author and venture capitalist Matthew Ball announced a partnership with Multicoin Capital and Bitwise Asset Management to launch the “Ball Multicoin Bitwise Metavers Index”. Bitwise also provides relevant funding for eligible buyers.

“We developed the Ball Multicoin Bitwise Metavers Index because, before today, there was no easy, commercial, and methodically diverse way for investors to gain broad exposure to crypto assets by focusing on legal metavers,” Ball explained. Decrypt.

“For that, the index does not exist until event A or market condition B. It exists so that investors can participate in the multi-trillion dollar transformation we believe will unfold over the next decade, ”he added.

From the executive’s point of view, “If blockchain is relevant to the future of Metavers and our vision is solid, we believe the opportunity is important – today, tomorrow, next month and so on.”

The composition of the index

The index will contain up to 40 cryptocurrencies selected by the partners, but the list of included assets has not been shared with them. Decrypt Until the time of publication.

The Bitwise Associated Fund is available to eligible buyers with a minimum investment of $ 100K.

Ball describes the “Ball Multicoin Bitwise Metavers Index” as a “rule-driven index” that combines the best organizational indexing methods with special conversions for the crypto and metavers sector.

According to the professional, this includes a number of risk monitors, such as liquidity analysis, developer activity, technical and regulatory risk, and the relevance of metavers.

“The primary goal is to create cryptocurrencies that will make the biggest contribution to the creation and success of open metavers,” he added.

Crypto and Metavers

Metavers refers to a future version of the Internet that many believe will be supported by blockchain technology. It’s expected to be a more immersive and interactive experience as people navigate through 3D avatars for work, play, shopping and socializing.

This new version of the Internet will be able to use non-fungible tokens (NFT) to represent user-owned objects, such as avatars, devices, and virtual landscapes.

Games developed on Etherium, such as Descentraland and The Sandbox, are considered to be the earliest examples of metavers.

Facebook has also brought its own vision for the industry and rebranded its parent company on Meta in 2021. However, it is not entirely clear whether Facebook plans to create an open platform that is interoperable with others.

Who is Matthew Ball?

Matthew Ball is a great writer on Metavers and his work has been published in large outlets such as The New York Times, The Economist And Bloomberg.

His book, The Metavers: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything, is expected to be published in July by WW Norton.

He is also the managing partner of EpyllionCo, which has invested in crypto startups such as Dapper Labs and Mirror, as well as a business partner with Makers Fund.

Ball is also responsible for the Roundhill Ball Metavers ETF, based on Metavers-focused stocks and traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Kyle Samani, co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital, said, “Our goal is to create a diverse, balanced and well-thought-out crypto metavers index.

“It requires a trained team,” he added. “Matthew Ball is the ultimate Metaverse strategy and investment leader. We are cryptocurrency experts and one of the leading crypto investment companies. And Bitwise Asset Management is a major leader in crypto indexes and index funds.

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