The mother of a child with autism is grateful for Cancello: “He would have died.”

The mother of a child with autism is grateful for Cancello: “He would have died.”

Oli, 10, lost in the crowd at a Manchester City party

Joao Cancello was in the spotlight rather than Manchester City winning the national title. Until the day Manchester City won the trophy, the Portuguese was the protagonist of a story that is still unknown.

The story was told by Lauren Hoyle, the mother of a 10-year-old boy with autism who lost her father to an Etihad lawn attack during a party.

Oli Gordon was rescued by a Portuguese defender, as he told the Manchester Evening News.

“He ran. He has autism and no idea of ​​the danger, so he got excited and started running. He often goes to the stadium with his father. I was watching the game on TV and I saw Leela. [o pai] I was running across the field, but I didn’t see anything wet. I was scared. The Aston Villa goalkeeper has hit a few centimeters to the side, as you can see in the videos. It scared him a little, and when he saw Cancello, he ran towards him, “recalls Lauren.

“Cancello pulled him up and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed his forehead and pushed people away. It was very fast but people were pushing each other. My son was scared. He can’t be alone. He should be watched. If he weren’t Cancello, It would have been a completely different story if the man had not only hugged him but had stayed with him until his father arrived. The man may have been shouting for the title, but instead he decided to stop and take care of a little boy. You would expect him to try to leave the farm. But no. He stopped short to help the boy he had nothing to do with. It’s a big deal he probably didn’t see, but otherwise he would have been crushed, “Oli’s mother assumed.

“He was his second favorite player, now he’s definitely his first. There are no words to thank him. He may not even know how important he was. Even Oli says, ‘I would have died that day.’ The people around him will not get a chance. From the bottom of his heart, there are no words to thank him for what he did. I can’t imagine what would have happened. She kissed his forehead and reassured him. Far away … did my heart stop when I saw my father running and screaming in the field? ‘We are grateful for what you have done. Such acts must be recognized, “he concluded.


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