The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

The game will launch for PC only in the middle of 2023

The first trailer of last Friday (10) The Lord of the Rings: Come back to MoriahDeveloped by Free category games And published by North Beach Games.

The game was introduced in a digital showcase circuit Summer Game FestThrough Epic Games Summer Showcase And will only be released for PC in mid-2023.

The Lord of the Rings: Morea will return The craft of survival Which will have Moria mines as the main setting of the game. In an effort to recover and restore Moriah to its former glory days, JRR Tolkien embodies the Middle-earth dwarfs created in an unprecedented and original adventure. Now it is possible to put the game on your wish list Epic Game Store.

We look forward to seeing you again! Thanks to our friends at the North Beach Games and the Free Range Games, let’s go deep into the Misty Mountains together. We hope you’ll join us!“Middle-earth Frederica Drotos said.

The game takes place in the fourth epoch of Middle-earth, and the player will take control of a company of dwarves who are called upon by Lord Gimley Lockbearr to reclaim the lost plunder of the Moria dwarf homeland. Among the treasures, mine exploration and survival, you will be able to craft and create in Khazad-dum.

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Here are some key features that will be present in the game:

  • Experience Dwarf Fellowship, with rich knowledge of JRR Tolkien’s iconic fantasy world woven into the very fabric of The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria;
  • To survive in Moria’s treacherous mines, players must conserve resources, hunt and collect food, and manage their sleep, temperature and noise levels. Use a dynamic light system for safety and clearing the way for darkness. Fight the unspeakable evil and survive the hordes of monster orcs in the civil battle as you discover the secret of the shadow that roams the mountains;
  • Uncover and clear new locations to create architecture on a scale. Be creative and build from scratch or build on the existing environment;
  • Bring back the lost ancient kingdom of Khazad-dum to its former glory, regain the traces of Dwarven as the story progresses. Revive ancient mines and re-ignite your forges to release your untouchable resources;
  • The processally generated environment is rich in resources and full of mystery and danger, providing a unique experience in each new interaction;
  • Go online alone with up to eight players or team up with friends in online companion multiplayer;
  • Create and loot the legendary Dwarven armor, tools, weapons and structures. Rebuild ancient forges to strengthen, repair and enchant equipment. Upgrade and unlock new technology and amazing machines;
  • Find ancient magical objects, including glowing swords while orcs, maths of Mithril’s long-dormant veins, books with forgotten crafting schemes, and amulets giving strength or wisdom;
  • Establish mines to discover deposits of valuable resources such as iron, gold and quartz, and to discover fantastic materials such as methyl. Access crafting stations and forges to convert metal into ingots and upgrade equipment. But be prepared, mining is noisy and can awaken what is hidden in the darkness;
  • Players become part of the Dwarven Legend as they create their own dwarfs in custom character creators. Dwarfs can be customized in many ways to create a unique dwarf identity. Then, throughout the game, players can find and build armor and weapons to further enhance their unique style.

The Lord of the Rings: Come back to Moriah Is under development and news about the game will be released in 2022.


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