The International Congress discusses the relationship between art, science and technology and culture

Independent Artist and Researcher, Marco Donarumma Presents Seminar on “AMYGDALA” (Photo: Disclosure)

The 7th edition of the International Congress of Art, Science and Technology and Digital Arts Seminar, organized and supervised by a network of research groups from different parts of Brazil, is starting online this Monday (6/6) through the channel. Laboratrio de Poticas Fronteirias (LabFront), on YouTube. Registration for the audience is open until next Friday (10/6).

This year, the program, which runs through Friday, encourages discussions around the theme “Transcendence.” In five days, discussions on concepts such as entropy, determinism, and opportunity will be proposed; Extropy, transhumanism and human, post-human, post-biological and loneliness growth; Interracial interaction; gaia hypothetical; And technology, among other subjects.

“The theme of this issue may be somewhat controversial. When we talk about passing, people think about spiritual issues. Your program also has this dimension, but it is connected to art. For example, try to cross different fields. Of Art”, Pablo Gobira, of this edition. The curator, head professor of the Gignard School, explains the postgraduate programs in the arts at UEMG and the postgraduate programs in the organization of management and knowledge at UFMG.

As it is an educational program, the work of Masters, Masters, Doctoral Students and Doctors organized in various working groups will be presented in this Congress. In addition, the program has guests who will present research on the relationship between art, science and technology.

“In practice, the two events go hand in hand. One has a more academic character, in which the presentation of works was presented in the evaluation panel and the other was created by the invited researchers and artists for the event”, explains Gobira.

Among them is Paul Lombarte, a Spanish artist from the Cyborg universe, who became famous for selling his heartbeat as NFT (a non-fungible token, a property created by blockchain technology that serves as a digital identity of an object). He will be giving an “Art Cyborg” lecture this Monday (6/6), at 3:30 p.m.


“Lombarte’s work fulfills the extremism proposed by this edition. By selling his heartbeat, he transcends the idea of ​​body and art,” the curator explains.

On Tuesday (7/6), at 3:30 pm, biohacker Josiah Zeiner, best known as the central character in the series “Artificial Selection” on Netflix, presents a seminar on “Genetic Biohacking”.

On Wednesday (8/6), at the same time, Sarah Diamond, OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design), Canada, will present a seminar on her study of sustainable development and the use of electric transport in traffic.

On Thursday (9/6) at 3:30 pm, Natalia Rivera and Daniela Brill, Red Suratmica, the Spanish network of organizations, groups and creative groups that develop non-disciplinary meeting places for the dissemination of new knowledge, are present. – Lecture entitled “Art and Science”.

On the last day of the event, Friday (10/6) at 3:30 pm, independent artist and researcher Marco Donarumma presents the “AMYGDALA” seminar.

Exhibitions in Metavers

The cultural and artistic program of the event will also be in virtual form. Exhibitions such as “Outras Estticas”, “Outras Mobilities” and “Outros Ambientes” will open this Monday (6/6) at 6:30 pm, in three-dimensional format through the Labfront Gallery. metaverse.

You can access them through the website They can be viewed through cell phones, computers and stereoscopy glasses (stereoscopic immersive virtual reality).

The book launch will be held on Tuesday (7/6) at 6.30 pm. The program will also include artwork and artwork.

Congress promotes “streaming” performances, including videos by artists Rafael Ferreira, Arthur H., Artur Stroch, Angela Bigler, Mutano, Marcos Andre Penna Coutinho, Fernando Codevilla, Fernando Krum, and Juliana Vizoto. Screenings are scheduled for Wednesday (8/6) and Thursday (9/6), 18:30; And Friday (10/6), 19 p.m.

According to Pablo Gobira, the decision to hold the seventh edition of the Congress and the seminar online was a strategic one. “We are living in a time when outbreaks of covid are still common, so at the beginning of the year, when we decided to organize the event, we proposed this format to ensure its implementation,” he says.

The curator emphasizes that the format adopted from the 2020 edition, increases the number of participants. “So far, we have over 1,100 members. For the arts, this is a significant number,” he celebrates.

7th International Arts, Science and Technology Congress and Digital Arts Seminar

Monday (6/6) to Friday (10/6), Laboratrio de Poticas Fronteirias (LabFront) via YouTube channel ( Free. Listeners register through the Simpla platform until Friday (10/6)

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