The Connection School application for students and teachers in the state educational network integrates itself as an important educational partner.

The Connection School application for students and teachers in the state educational network integrates itself as an important educational partner.

When the Kovid-19 epidemic forced schools to close their doors due to health restrictions, the Minas Gerais State Department of Education (SEE / MG) developed and offered tools that could bridge the gap between teachers and students in distance learning. The Connection School application was one of the educational support options. In 2021, the version with resources for online classes was launched through the use of interface with Google Classroom and the package for education with proper training of teachers. This school year, even with a 100% face-to-face return, Conectação Escola – in version 3.0 – continues to be an educational support tool and continues to rely on navigation with sponsored mobile data – when there is no use. User data package.

In the Conectação Escola app, students have access to teleclasses and videos aired on Rede Minas’ Se Liga na Educação program; Bulletin board with important information and instructions; Individual study plans, based on the results of assessments; And study tips and support materials. In addition, teachers can use applications to provide additional material on topics covered in the classroom.

Professor Ana Alice Lima of the Caminholes Luz State School in the Esplanada area of ​​Belo Horizonte finds the tool fantastic. According to her, one of the key features of the application is the space and practicality to provide complementary content. “Connection school gives me many possibilities. I use it to get my student’s attention by throwing out interesting texts, movie instructions, documentaries, everything that complements what I have given in class. I want them to enjoy the text without having to read it, and I use the app to encourage them. Technology is here to stay and we have to use it to our advantage, “said the Portuguese language teacher.

Anna Alice says the use of the platform makes it possible to save copies of the material and also has a close interaction with the student. “The app helps more shy students who are embarrassed to ask questions in class. They are open with the teacher and feel free to ask questions about things that are not in the classroom ”, the teacher explains.

Due to the use of this technology, teaching and learning opportunities between teachers and students are more interactive. Cell phones have become an integral part of the development of more dynamic and attractive classes for students of the generation involved in the world of technology. Carole Marquez, coordinator of educational technology at SEE / MG, explains that the use of technology in the classroom “guarantees a greater relationship between teacher and student when it comes to sending content and using complementary tools. Cell phones come with the potential to connect and improve the educational tools used in times of social isolation, ”he says.

To ask questions about the app, log in to the Practical Guide School Connection app. This material teaches you how to download and install applications on smartphones. Recommended for technical features and use Android 4.0 (API level 14) and iOS 9.0.

Guide to the use of smartphones as a pedagogical tool

But in order for cell phones to really be helpful in the process of teaching and learning, students need to know and follow some important guidelines for using equipment in classrooms or educational spaces. For this, the state education department has developed a smart phone usage guide as an educational tool. The material available at this link includes some basic and guidelines for the use of cell phones in the educational methods of state schools in Minas.

Smartphones should be used strictly for the purposes and subjects inherent in the educational context. In case of non-compliance or practice of digital, cyber crime or false news, the school is required to comply with the school bylaws. “These are guidelines that comply with current law for the use of smartphones in the classroom for educational purposes only. After that, the student should leave the device in silent mode, avoid handling it without the teacher’s permission, and use headphones to watch the video under the teacher’s guidance. It is also forbidden to take photos or film without permission. ” Educational Technology Coordinator explained.


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