The brand of electric bike that Ronaldo chose to fulfill his promise is priced up to R $ 145 thousand.

The brand of electric bike that Ronaldo chose to fulfill his promise is priced up to R $ 145 thousand.

The same brand of electric bicycle used by Ronaldo phenomenal Pay up a promise cost up to BRL 144,990With the price of the most basic electric model BRL 32,990. The company has manufactured electric bicycles Special And is officially sold in Brazil. One model in our shopping simulation had R $ 150 freight in the southeast.

To understand the story, Ronaldo phenomenal Promised to say so Run 500 km If the Spanish football club owns it The real ValladolidGo up First DivisionAlso, the The real Valladolid It’s time to dump her and move on Ronaldo Chose to use electric bicycle for travel.

In an interview for the newspaper GamesFrom Spain, Ronaldo He said he would have trouble on the road because he was not physically fit and if there was a problem on the road he would take a support car.

“The road will be beautiful. Physically I know it will hurt me, but it will be an unforgettable experience.” Ronaldo said. “If something happens, I’m taking the car, the important logistics. There are people who do it without doing anything, with backpacks. I’ll get some relief, because we’re going to record everything to bring. Chanel. From Valladolid to Compostela’s Santiago.”

Turbo Levo S-Works bike

Is one of the most expensive models found on the site Turbo Levo S-Works bikeIt’s worth it BRL 144,990.00 And the following are the electrical characteristics.

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  • Motor: Specialized Turbo Full Power System 2.2 engine
  • Drum: Special M3-700, integrated battery, 700Wh
  • Charger: 42V4A with custom charger, Rosenberger plug
  • Interface: Specialized Mastermind TCU, percentage of remaining charge, 120 possible display settings, microtune support adjustment, over-the-air updates, ANT + / Bluetooth, with remote control on handlebars

    Turbo Tarot 3.0 bike

Is the cheapest electric model Turbo Tarot 3.0 bike Leaves for BRL 32,990.00 And offers more basic features.

  • MotorPower: Specialized 2.0E, 50Nm torque, custom motor, 250W rated
  • Drum: Special U2-530, alloy case, charging status indication, 530Wh
  • Charger: 42V4A with custom charger, Rosenberger plug
  • Interface: Mastermind TCD, with handlebar remote control, integrated anti-theft feature, Bluetooth connectivity, customizable display pages

The Special It is a company Special Not less than the price of the basic model on bicycles and without electrical functions BRL 4,990.

In social networks, some people’s reflections are reflected Perceptible And even options for electric models, see below.

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