The biggest cryptocurrency convention is starting this Thursday

The biggest cryptocurrency convention is starting this Thursday

The biggest cryptocurrency convention is starting this Thursday
The convention will be held from June 9 to 12 and will have many attractions. (Image: Twitter / Playback)

Consensus, the largest convention Crypto assets In the world, this starts on Thursday (9) and lasts until Sunday (12). The convention will be held in Austin, Texas, USA, and promises to bring together big names. Crypto market To talk about the future of the market.

The event has been hosted by CoinDesk since 2015. This is currently the largest and most expected by investors.

Big names in the crypto-asset and digital economy markets have already spoken at the event. This year’s sponsorships include the likes of Chen,, Polygon, Stellar Development Foundation and Hedera.

The consensus will include guest speakers, including FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried; Chengpeng Zhao, CEO Binance; Joey Krug and Dan Morehead, co-CIO of Pantera Capital; Ronil Rumberg, Joyce Yang, founder of Global Coin Research and CEO of Audius.

What to expect from Consensus 2022?

This year the focus should be on lectures Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Regulation, metaverse And Web 3.0.

Lectures by the Oasis Network Team on “Defining DEFI: DeFi and How to Succeed at Web 3” are presented by the Oasis Network Team and are expected to be lectured by the Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury on “Digital Assets, Regulation to Innovation to Federal Policy”. Shape the event.

One should also expect project announcements and Blockchain These days, in addition to more maturity about the discussion of the topics revealed above.

Consensus 2022 Attractions

Some attractions will be set up in the vicinity of the convention center in Austin. With independent programming and interaction, this year’s attractions range from the Non-Fungible Token Museum to the Metavers Zone:

Traction is sponsored by Legendary Games and has 6,000 square feet of space in the center of the convention (Austin Convention Center). The Metaverse Zone, or Metaverse Zone, focuses on content and conversations about the rise of virtual worlds and economies.

The Metavers zone will be open on Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11. In addition, the Metavers Zone will have a demo of some of the most popular Metavers experiences in space, as well as a forum for Metavers discussions.

There will be areas dedicated to fashion and real estate metavars. Virtual reality (VR) headsets will be provided so that participants can experience a variety of virtual experiences.

Gallery of NFTs “Blockchain is a visual immersion in the future of art, community and commerce.” The event says it will create a physical and digital space to “bring to life a large creative world of non-fungible tokens.”

The aim is to give voice to creative artists in the space, as well as to educate those who want to be more involved in the development, culture and marketing aspects of NFTs.

The space will be hosted at Copper Tank and in partnership with Filecoin and will be a block from the Austin Convention Center.

The Consensus Talent Hub in Belmont Austin aims at: Fidelity, Mythical Games, PayPal, Persistence, Atlas Technology, Galaxy Digital, Chain, Stellar, Tron, Near and Filecoin.

In addition, there will be sessions on trends, on-demand jobs and expectations in high-growth, high-demand areas of Web 3, cryptography, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs and more.

While some of these require tickets for the event, some of them are open to the public.

The Consenso Sports Court, presented by Chen, consists of half a basketball court and bleachers in a tent at Driscill and Renee Streets.

The Sports Court will host weekly sessions, games, gifts and competitions, and will party to watch Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday.

Introduced by Binance, “DAO House” aims to be a place to interact and learn about the world of decentralized autonomous bodies (DAOs).

The DAO House will show sessions a few blocks from the convention center with some of the most dynamic communities and builders in the space, and the venue will be used to meet select DAOs and their communities and connect only to member events.

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