The Ball – Lions confirm bias, beat Fandao and reach the final (futsal)

The Ball – Lions confirm bias, beat Fandao and reach the final (futsal)

Sporting is in the play-off final of the National Futsal Championship, having beaten Fundão 5-2 in Game 2 of the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon at Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon.

The Lions entered full throttle and in 11 seconds (!) They were already ahead of the marker: Diego Cavinato’s shot and Yuri Bahia unfortunately turned it into his own goal. Leonin’s dominance regained momentum shortly after, in the 6th minute, when Fernando Cardinal took a close 2-0 lead. Fundão still managed to reduce the reaction and inconvenience by Felipe Leite, but Sporting by Esteban Guerrero escalated the controversy before the break.

In the second half, and the shaping of the theoretical bias he pointed out – despite being a good replica of Bera – Sporting made even more difference, with goals from Fernando Cardinal and Paleta, the goal already coming close. In the end, it only worked to reduce the number of Fandao defeats.

That’s how the tie was broken – remember, Leonin’s team had won Game 1 (6-4) in Fandao last Friday – and Sporting is now waiting for the opponent they will face in the play-off final and out of the duel between Benfica and Electrico – today. Play in the afternoon (17:00), Benfica has a 1-0 advantage, as a result of the victory (2-1), last Friday at the fair, Sour at Ponte de.

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The match is over! Sporting 5 Funda 2.

39 mins: Felipe Leight, in good condition, shoots Leonin from the right post of the goal.

38 mins: Mario Freetas’ shot and Gonzalo Portugal saves a corner.

Fandao has been confirmed 5×4, with Mario Fritas playing the role of forward goalkeeper.

Fundao coach Nuno Kauto requested a technical break. With 2-5 trailing, less than three minutes away, the Bera symbol coach is likely to opt for 5×4.

38 mins: Alex Merlin’s powerful shot, slightly above the bar.

36 min: Fandao Score! With the right foot, Gonzalo delivered a strong and streamlined shot into the top left corner of Portugal’s goal, reducing it to 5-2.

36 mins: Diego Cavinato misses the mark with a cross shot by Guilherme Duarte, the ball comes close to the left post of the goal which is now defended by Gonzalo Portugal.

36 mins: Paulo Pereira shots Diego Cavinato for a beautiful save.

Nuno Dias, the sports coach, requested a technical break.

33 mins: Fernando Cardinal Cross, looking for Cao Ruiz, on the far post, but David Gomes, on the line, makes a great cut for the corner.

32 mins: Fandao’s second foul.

32 mins: Mario Freitas shot, the ball turned to Fernando Cardinal and still hit the right post of Gitta’s goal before going to the corner.

32 mins: Michelangelo gets a yellow card.

32 mins: Sporting’s second foul.

31 mins: Penny Warela’s front shot, but David Gomes manages to deflect a corner and the second goal of the green and white team.

29 mins: Sporting Score! The Lions’ best collective play, with Penny Varela addressing the ball to Esteban Guerrero, the Spanish player offered Pauletta a goal in a golden bowl. 5-1.

28 mins: Bebe scores a superb right-hander over Penny Varela, with winger Beirao’s shot bounced off Gitta’s crossbar.

27 mins: Pani Varela tries his luck at the left side of the line, but grazes the bar before the ball goes out.

25 mins: Bebe and Gita’s long-range shot, another fantastic interception, denies Beras one second.

24 mins: Fandao’s first foul.

24 mins: Nem Pass and Peleh fire at Gitta’s left post.

23 mins: Sporting Score! Ariel Ball Alex Marilim and Fernando Cardinal scored the first goal 4-1 on a long post, without throwing the ball to the ground.

21 mins: Gitta hits Yuri Bahia for a great save for a corner.

21 mins: Nem’s shot, the ball bounces off Penny Warela and lands on the right post of Gitta’s goal.

21 mins: Sporting’s first foul.

The beginning of the second part!

Despite being away from the spectacle of other matches, the Lions reached the half-time with an interesting advantage of two goals scored by the men of Nuno Dias on quality first half. Fandao has also been doing it all his life, as evidenced by the goal he scored after losing 0-2, but the feeling from the first 20 minutes is that Sporting has completely controlled the operations, so he came, shortly after, the third goal, to get a comfortable pillow on the scoreboard.

Nothing has been decided yet, of course, but the Bera sign will have to try to reverse the sequence of events in the second half and prevent Sporting from sealing his presence in today’s play-off final.

Break! Sporting 3 Funda 1.

19 min: After a raw, quick transition, shoots to save Gitta.

19 min: Babe’s long range shot, hitting Gitta.

18 min: Sporting’s fifth foul.

17 mins: Counterattack led by Nem, Brazil’s fine shot was blocked by Gitta.

17 min: Fandao’s second foul.

16 mins: Rui Morera’s frontal shot for Gitta’s careful defense.

15 mins: Yuri Bahia at the edge of the field tries to hit the first shot, but the ball goes over Gitta’s goal.

Fundao coach Nuno Kauto requested a technical break.

14 mins: Pauletta’s shot for Paulo Pereira’s careful defense, down to the right.

13 min: Sporting’s fourth foul.

13 min: Sporting Score! Alex Merlim’s shot hit the post, but Esteban Guerrero made it 3-1 on the rebound with his left foot.

12 mins: Paulo Pereira, shooting down Gitta’s defense as he descends.

11 mins: Alex Meryllim misses the shot after missing the mark, but Paulo Pereira intervenes and the Lions are denied a third goal.

9 min: Sporting’s third foul.

8 min: Fandao Score! Raw and Felipe Leight’s pass, in the middle of the field, down for 2-1.

7 min: Sporting’s second foul.

7 mins: Assisted by Fernando Cardinal and Paleta, the ball bounces close to the left post of Polo Pereira’s goal.

7 mins: Paletta’s shot is saved by Paulo Pereira in the side net.

Nuno Dias, the sports coach, requested a technical break.

Luan Mरller, Fandao’s goalkeeper, was injured. The Armenian international is being helped off the field and the question remains as to whether he will be able to recover in time to contribute to the team again during this match. Meanwhile, Pavlo Pereira is now defending Beras’ goal.

6 min: Sporting’s first foul.

6 min: Sporting Score! Eric Mendonsa and Fernando Cardinal made it 2-0 with close-range free-kicks.

6 min: First foul by Fandao.

6 mins: Babe’s shot, near the left post of Gitta’s goal.

3 mins: Diego Cavinato gets a shot from Luan Mरller for a beautiful save.

1 min: Sporting Score! Just 11 seconds later, a cross from Diego Cavinato and Irie Bahia in the center of the field unfortunately turned it into their own goal. 1-0.

The start of the match!

Funda (initial five): Luan Mरller, Nem, Mario Fritas 3David Gomes and Yuri Bahia

Options: Paulo Pereira, Tiago Couto, Wilson Cabral, Felipe Leit, Kutchi, Peleh, Bebe, Rui Morera and Guilherme Duarte

Instructor: Nuno Kauto

Sports (starting from five): Gitta, Eric Mendona, Joao Matos 3Diego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Options: Gonzalo Portugal, Fernando Cardinal, Pauletta, Pani Varela, Cayo Ruiz, Miguel Angelo and Esteban Guerrero

Instructor: Nuno Dias

Punch: Ruben Santos (AF Porto) and Andre Franco (AF Lyria)

There are already teams!

Jorge Braz, the national coach, is at the João Rocha Pavilion to watch the match between Sporting and Fundão live.

For this afternoon’s game, Nuno Dias released Bernardo Paco, Tomas Paco, Ziki Te and Waltinho. Nuno Couto, on the other hand, cannot trust Thales, who is injured and will not play again this season.

And don’t forget that these funds have already beaten Sporting this season: still in the regular round, the 4th round was being played, the Bera symbol defeated the Lions 4-2 in a match in October. 23, 2021. In the second round, the story was different, with Sporting (6-3) winning the best (6-3), in a 17th round match played on 5 March 2022 at Alvalade.

After winning Game 1 (6-4) at Fandao’s Municipal Pavilion last Friday, the Leonine symbol appears in this match at the end of the tie, remember, was one of the most spectacular matches. Portuguese futsal throughout the season. As a result of this victory, Sporting can guarantee a place in the play-off finals by beating Fundão again today. But Beiros, as he showed in the game the day before yesterday, promised to create many more difficulties to force the Lions. Black – Which, if it happens, will be played next Thursday (7pm).

Sporting hosts Fundão will play this afternoon (3 pm) at Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon, in Game 2 of the semi-finals of the play-offs of the National Futsal Championship. BOLA will follow all the events of this duel online and dear readers, come from there. You are invited to be part of our team …

Good evening!


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