The Ball – “I was the champion at FC Porto but Chavez’s rise was more celebrated” (Chavez)

The Ball – “I was the champion at FC Porto but Chavez’s rise was more celebrated” (Chavez)

Chavez’s return to the league brings back the old heroes of Flavinses history. The first inclusion of Tras-os-Montes on the map of the Grates was in 1985/86, after the 2nd division in the northern division of the 2nd division, in the Liguelha controversy.

It was a moment of indescribable joy for Ra यशl Aguas to achieve this and for a region unaware of such a powerful football representation. Midfielder Kiki, the braided Cape Verdean, a iconic scene from the nineties, more famous for his arrival at FC Porto, where he was a national champion, was a worthy traveler in the dream of the alluring Tras-os-Montes. An intoxicating reality. Kiki, who had previously played at Vitoria de Guimares, arrived at Antas after passing through SC Braga.

“I have fond memories of all the clubs, but Chavez is sure I can say that it was the most remarkable chapter of my career. It was there that I launched myself as a professional player. , Who was at Madeira against Uniao. We lost 2-3, I drew and still we won 4-3 », recalls Kiki, who shared roles with two of Chavez’s historic players in midfield: Antonio Borges and Dimantino Braz. Reached the 1st division and surprised everyone with 6th place in 1985/86 and 5th place in 86/87, which is worth qualifying for UEFA.

“I was discovered by Pedroto, by one of his scouts, who saw me playing in the Cabral Cup game between Cape Verde and Mali. Then Mr. Costa Silva took me through the whole process to play in Vitoria, Portugal. No place was found. My colleague Amandio Barreras made a commitment to Chavez and convinced me to join him. I am very grateful to Barreras. The climb was over and it was an incredible story for everyone »says Kiki, now a 60-year-old resident of Cape Verde and president of the Academica da Priya club, who won the title in 2017/18 after 53 years without winning.

“I can add that the rise of Chavez was a great party, the biggest party I have ever experienced, the fans were all amazed. I speak frankly, I was the champion at FC Porto, but the population did not celebrate us that way. We were greeted by firefighters. Kelly and the vehicle were pushed forward by fans, paraded around the city », documenting Kiki.

“It was no surprise because I had Manuel Jose to take me to SC Braga. I already had a contract with him to join Sporting, but in the meantime, he left and took me to SC Braga. Recognized and by Artur George I came to the club in 89/90. For Portugal I had almost international made Arthur George. I was on the bench in the match against Holland, our victory by the goal of Rui Aguas in Antarctica, he reveals, scared to see the context of his entry into the blue-white world.

“It was a team full of stars, many of whom were European champions two years ago. Joao Pinto, was a great captain and a leader on and off the field. He gave a lot of encouragement to any player who came into that locker room. I played three seasons and completed my contract with FC Porto with an unforgettable win of two championships », recalls Kiki, who amassed 55 games for the Dragons in three seasons, scoring against Unio da Madera. After Artur George, he worked with Carlos Alberto Silva, saw the rise of Baya and lived with the eastern stars such as Timofete and Kostadinov.


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