The Ball – Changes in Discipline, Arbitration and Competition (League)

The Ball – Changes in Discipline, Arbitration and Competition (League)

The League’s board of directors today, at its general meeting, submits a proposal for discussion and approval of amendments to the rules of competition, discipline and arbitration. They are, from the league’s point of view, a timely change in the rules and a response to the club’s concerns. They touch on issues such as next season’s League Cup, dematerialization of tickets, security, summary disciplinary action, and the implementation of video arbitration in League 2.

The criminal framework of disciplinary regulation (DR) that has been tightened in recent years will not change, as the Board understands that there is a balance between speed in resolving cases and guarantee of defendants. However, changes will be made to the rules of discipline. The Board proposes that, in summary proceedings, in which the prosecution is easier and more agile, it is based on the assumption of veracity of the Commission of Instructors (CI), the report maker (referee, representative or police). And CDs are more perfect in their reasoning. This means that the CI and CD will have to indicate in the description of the report which item the defendant has violated. It will be the duty of the respondent to provide such reasons as are necessary to respect the guarantee and to promote transparency.

Also in the context of the RD, and in response to the league and club’s weekly concerns, the CI and CD will provide an explanation when the request for approval begins when requested. The process was unofficially inaugurated last season and now serves as a formal link, clarifying doubts when a player is suspended for a few days and then approved with a suspension game.

VAR in League 2
The proposals introduced have introduced VAR in Liga 2. Liga and the federation are working on an agreement that has not yet been formalized, but the new regulation, if approved, will allow the use of the technology in the 2022/2023 season. . The solution is to change the referee rules that make it possible to appoint VAR and AVAR for Liga 2 matches.

Uniform ‘play-off’
The league has proposed to standardize the play-off rules between Liga 1 and Liga 2 and Liga 2 and Liga 3 teams. Thus, in both play-offs, if the number of away goals is higher according to UEFA criteria, then the total of the two games is equal. Extra time will be played and a penalty shoot-out will be held if necessary. The draw will decide which team plays first at home.

To promote security, to exchange information between game promoters and organizers, the league board proposes that a level 1 sports safety meeting (involving visiting and visiting security directors from clubs, leagues, PSPs or GNRs, civil defense and fire departments.) Not just a day, but a week in advance. This, according to the board, will allow for better exchange of information and organization, i.e. the movements of supporters or meeting places or other related issues. On the day of the game, one hour before the kickoff, there will be a meeting to update the information.

The league wants to reduce ticket regulation, which was scattered throughout the previous regulation. And it takes a step towards dematerializing tickets. Tickets will be exchanged dematerialized, meaning ticket rolls will no longer be sent to visiting clubs. Once the visiting club receives dematerialized tickets, they can be sold on various digital platforms (email, applications, mobile phones) or at the ticket office (printed). The offer includes an escape valve for clubs that do not have the means to comply with the new rules next season, but if they cannot send money to print the tickets of visiting clubs, they will be clubs. Digitally ..

League Cup
As a result of the World Cup in Qatar, one of the board’s most important events, it will be replaced by a fleeting rule. These groups will be played in stages and in three rounds (semifinals, semifinals and finals). The first round will consist of eight groups (with the exception of teams in Liga 1 and Liga 2, B): the top eight ranking groups in Liga 1 are the leaders; The remaining teams are distributed, respectively, by groups. The group stage will be held from November 18 to December 17. The last four are in balance and will take place between 20 and 23 December.


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