Straw Show Day 1 game can work on PS Plus

Straw Show Day 1 game can work on PS Plus

During the event In the state of play Gives Sony On June 2, several games were introduced to the players. This was a particularly good show as a trailer for VR gamers Call the mountain horizon Was shown and that too was revealed Residents bad village Coming up PlayStation VR2.

Many games of Game machine Third-party games were also featured, along with cute indie games Tunic And highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16. Players can also view titles Wandered, A curious game that allows players to control cats in a cyberpunk society. Watch the trailer below.


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Straw has been facing delays, but developers have confirmed that it will launch on PlayStation and July. Pvt. Surprisingly, it was also announced that the game would be free for players who subscribed PlayStation Plus Extra And Deluxe / Premium. PlayStation originally convinced gamers that they should not wait for the game to be released on its streaming service, suggesting that there may be third-party studios willing to release the first day on PlayStation. PlayStation Plus.

First day game

When Sony announced that it would merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Extra On a single service, gamers immediately began comparing PlayStation Plus Game pass Gives Microsoft. Launching Game Pass on the first day of many AAA games is one of the most notable features extended by players, allowing members to play the latest game as soon as it is released.

The first day release is a very attractive offer, especially when the game is loved MLB The Show 22 And Yomi’s trek Get special treats for game pass fans. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t seem very keen on the idea of ​​a PlayStation Plus release.

According to the CEO and President Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim RyanThe PlayStation has no plans to release on the PS Plus on the first day as it believes that the level of investment required for its studio to make the game will detract from the quality of its games.

However, Ryan was also careful to note that he was willing to change his mind, adding: “The way our publishing model works now makes no sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know. “

Third-party studios may see opportunities where Sony does not


Sony’s reluctance to release the game on the PlayStation Plus stems from fears that doing so could hurt sales, reducing the game’s ability to repay the studio’s investment in them. This is understandable as it can cost up to half a billion dollars to develop and market some of the most expensive games in modern times.

However, for small third-party developers, making games available on PlayStation Plus on the first day can be a golden opportunity. The benefits of releasing the game on the PlayStation Plus were revealed in August 2020 Fall order.

Developed by Moderator, Fall Guys is an online Battle Royale game where players control cute little beans in a series of obstacle courses. Most hurdles are silly, and it’s a lot more fun to just laugh at fallen beans than try to be over-competitive. Upon its release, the game was available for free to PS Plus members and contributed greatly to the expansion of the player base.

At launch, Fall Guys had over 1.5 million players, and by the end of the month, it was the most downloaded PS Plus game ever. Although Mediatonic lost potential sales when releasing the game on PS Plus, the game has more exposure than it has received.

Stray, which is also a short game, could benefit from being released on PS Plus, where it could gain popularity by word of mouth. Its launch on the PS Plus also suggests that while Sony may not be releasing its first-party games on its streaming service on the first day, third-party studios may be willing to do so.

Although a short title, Stray managed to grab the attention of gamers with its unique base. However, as a relatively small game in a small studio, it is very easy to get confused in 2022 when a lot of big games are coming up. With the release on PS Plus, Stray can be enjoyed in a wide range. Of gamers. Which otherwise the game could have been completely lost.

Stray will be released on PC, PS4 and P5 on July 19, 2022.

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