Straight from the village, Suru Indians attend Labor Court lectures on Metavers

Straight from the village, Suru Indians attend Labor Court lectures on Metavers

Author: Munich Fertado

To make the Labor Court more accessible to the population living in a different region, the 14th Regional Regional Labor Court (RO / AC) on Monday (13/6) directly advertised the unprecedented activity in Pieter Surui Indian’s Metavers. On the occasion of the village, Labor Judge Carlos Antonio Chagas Jr., head of the 1st Labor Court in G-Parana (RO), traveled with staff to the municipality of Cocol (RO), about 110 km away, to present the composition Dissemination of available resources in Trabalho Virtual.

Photo: G-Parana’s first VT

From a tribal background, you can visit the Labor Court, take up concepts such as the fight against child labor, talk about the ease of justice, that is, inclusive justice that is accessible to all. From locations in the center of the Amazon, it is possible to access Metavers and explore various locations, such as Ji-Parana’s 1st VT. This action showed the world of possibilities and resources that could be used to provide more access to labor justice services.“, Explained Carlos Antonio Chagas.

The magistrate reported that the locals have been affected by the created environment and are considering relocating the original village to Metavers. During the proceedings, it was also possible to give lectures on the fight against child labor and to talk more about Metavers. “We demonstrate how to access and handle the system and emphasize that this is an accessible technology that can be applied to a local village, thus reducing the distance and barriers to accessing essential services, such as access to justice.“, He added.

Also present at the event was Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) lawyer Jessica Alves Resande Fritas.At the invitation of the judge, it became possible to see up close that digital inclusion is possible if we look at each other. From the entry of the 1st Labor Court’s Metavers, from the Surui local community, it is possible to conclude that one should always defend the investment of enhancing social interaction and, primarily, facilitate technical access to all people. , Without exception“, He insisted.

Jessica Resande added: “There are still many obstacles to overcome, knowing that the use of the Internet is not a reality in all communities, local and non-residential, but such developments should lead us to continuous improvement. Taking the Labor Court to the village, it is possible to say that empathy and organization can also work in the opposite direction in the pursuit of knowledge: to take the reality of local communities to all Brazil and the world.

Attorney Pedro Dinardo, who took part in the action, highlighted that “We are entering a new era in which technology is increasingly present in people’s lives“”As a lawyer, it is important to talk about facilitation of the judiciary, not only for lawyers, but also for the population.“, He noted.

For the Gasoda Surui natives, visiting the 1st Labor Court at G-Parana in Metawars demonstrates the ease of access to the open space without leaving their community. “Technology allows us to solve our problems, to hold meetings, to visit without having to travel long distances. We live alone, we are far from the means of communication and technology gives us access to what we could not do before,” he declared.

Access to the country’s first labor court in Rondônia and the country’s second labor court in Metavers is via the AltspaceVR platform, available for free on the Microsoft App Store. For more details, visit the tutorial.

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