SpaceX Starship’s first orbital flight near, a training to return to the moon – technology

SpaceX Starship’s first orbital flight near, a training to return to the moon – technology

The SpaceX will have to comply with 75 recommendations if it wants to move forward with its plans to launch its starship spacecraft from a base in Boca Chika, Texas.. Here The Federal Aviation Administration has requested changes (FAA), the North American aviation regulator, and the environmental impact analysis of Elon Musk’s company’s activities in the surrounding area.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there The analysis concludes that, with this set of actions, the company can continue to work on a regular basis And provides more in-depth and time-consuming analysis.

The Boca Chica Base has been used by SpaceX since 2012, but the initial plan was not to launch the next generation of the brand’s space vehicles, something that still lacks FAA authorization to be able to happen, which is happening now. More likely.

In the first stage, The platform was purchased to serve as a launch pad for the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Rocket.. The forecast was directed to 12 annual projections and was based on that In 2014, space was the subject of the first environmental impact analysis.

This analysis went further. They studied SpaceX’s plans in detail, listened to experts, the population and other stakeholders, to anticipate and anticipate the impact on the company’s activities, which they feared would now be a long and arduous process with the same details, which would not be apparent. To happen

In 2018, Spacex changed its plans and decided to continue launching its commercial rocket at Cape Canaveral, dedicating the Boca Chika base near the Mexican border to just starship development.. To accommodate the new plans, the number of operations has increased, the number of tests has increased, and the number of complaints from residents has also increased, as there are restrictions on access to highways or living in nearby residences whenever tests take place.

The Since then, Starbase has been used to build prototypes of starships, spaceX cargo and humans to travel long distances, to the moon and then to Mars.. Since then, the vehicle integrating NASA’s Artemis program has also undergone several height tests, and if all goes according to plan, humans will be sent back to the moon in 2025. The first successful flight test took place in May. The year, after many other attempts with a less happy ending.

Environmental impact assessment is a complex process that has already involved a slowdown in site activity over the past year and a half. In the public consultation process of the FAA decision alone, more than 18,000 comments were received, but The result seems to please the company, which is now considering the decision as another step towards the starship’s first orbital flight..

Meanwhile, documents released by the FAA reveal some details about SpaceX’s future plans for Starship. Reveal it During the trial phase, SpaceX plans to launch about 20 suborbital flights with Starship and five other orbital and suborbital flights assembled throughout the system throughout the year: Starship and Super Heavy., A launcher that will help a spacecraft gain the speed it needs to enter orbit. This assumes all 500 hours to keep the nearest motorway closed, if all goes well, as well as an additional 300 hours if there are discrepancies.

To move the plan forward, Elon Musk’s company now has to make it Changes affecting air quality, noise levels, and access to nearby beaches, for example. It is subject to new road closure rules, which will have to focus on a limited number of weekendsWith other measures.

Cautiously, SpaceX had already begun work on Plan B to launch Starship on the platform at Cape Canaveral, from where the Falcon 9 rocket has been launched for NASA. Apparently he will be able to maintain the initial plan.

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