See Brazil partners with Paramount and NewCo

See Brazil partners with Paramount and NewCo

See Brazil partners with Paramount and NewCo

Mauricio Almeida, CEO and co-founder of Watch Brazil (Credit: Henrique Mediros / Mobile Time)

Watch Brasil unveiled two new strategic partnerships with Paramount + and NewCo PayTV Group (Rede Bandeirantes) last Wednesday night, 8. In a presentation to the specialized press, the company also showcased its streaming platform in version 3.0.

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See Brazil;  Paramount +

Rogerio Francis, Vice President of Paramount + (Credit: Henrique Madiros / Mobile Time)

“We are expanding our partnership with Watch Brazil in 2018. They will be fully responsible for Paramount + ‘s expansion into Brazilian ISPs, “said Rogerio Francis, vice president of Paramount in Latin America, hoping to attract more audiences with 30 local productions, including former footballer Adriano and 30 MMA and documentary series about boxing fighters. Anderson Silva, in addition to broadcasting the Conmebol Libertadores Games for the period between 2023 and 2026.

Explaining the specifics given to Watch Brazil, Francis said that Paramount + “grows rapidly and rapidly in B2C”, but plans to increase the number of users in B2B. Therefore, the company’s strategy is to extend the B2B operations and relationships with smaller providers to a partner in the telecommunications sector with “expertise, technology and relationships”.

Executive recalls that, currently, Paramount + has 40 million users worldwide.

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See Brazil;  NewsCo

Paulo Saad, vice president of Banderants and leader of Newco

In return, Paulo Saad, vice president of Banderantes and leader of Newco, explained that the reason for partnering with Watch Brazil was to deliver the company’s products to all Brazilian homes, especially through ISPs: “We have to set conditions. For small internet providers, which reach the homes of Brazilians, to stay in the market. That’s why they need quality content, “he added.

In partnership, providers who use and pass Watch Brazil content now have access to the channel: band; BandNews TV; Bandsports; Living earth; Agro +; Taste & Art; Art 1; In addition to Band, BandFM, Bandnews and Nativa radios. Saad confirmed the launch of the channel aimed at SMEs, Canal Empreender next month, and hoped that the content would help ISPs and small and medium Brazilian entrepreneurs manage their businesses.

In addition to Band and Paramount +, Watch Brazil has partners HBO Max, Awesomeness TV, UOL Leia + Banca, NSports, Stingray, Medialand, Direct TV Go, Xpeed, Fun Kids.


Mauricio Almeida, CEO and co-founder of Watch Brazil, said the company is increasingly positioning itself as a “content hub” because, in addition to video-on-demand partnerships, it is offering linear channels to ISP partners, paid channels, music and newsstands. Content – Offered to Internet members.

In the new 3.0 platform, the company can personalize services based on the package signed by the end customer, improve the artificial intelligence and user interface to offer content carousel to customers automatically and indicatively. The update was created with a R 28 million investment from Bertha Capital Fund from Multilaser, set up in March this year. The money was also used for regional expansion of the watch, which began operating in Manos.

That is, Watch Brazil offers its content hub as its own platform or white-label for ISPs, such as UOL Play and Vero Play.

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