Season: Letters for the future, a sad adventure

Season: Letters for the future, a sad adventure

Canadian studio Scavengers Studios has recently announced the release date of their upcoming game, Season: A Letter to the Future.

It’s an introspective adventure that can be very interesting.

The development team at Scavangers Studios, based in Montreal, Canada, is busy preparing their next game, Season: Letters for the Future.

This, according to its managers' feature, is an "atmospheric" adventure in the third person and will be released this fall, for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Season: The starting point of the future letter, the lost village in the mountains where the chaos of the big cities has not yet come.

It is a place where peace and tranquility reigns and where there is no reason for anyone to leave. For many generations, no one left the village to go to the "outside world." Yet. To Estelle.

Estelle is a girl full of life, dreams, questions ... and in her world, each season of the year is a completely different time. It's as if history is a different time with its own events and features.

Taking her bicycle as a traveling companion, Estelle set out on an adventure for the outside world. Leaving your village, you will find all the sensations, images, sounds that exist outside and record every moment of it for the future. Season: A Letter to the Future is a game of memories and feelings of loss.

Season: A Letter to the Future Gameplay is based on exploring the world and where Estelle goes. Along the way, the girl will have the opportunity to meet new people, hear their life stories and discover a world that was completely foreign to her until then.

Estelle's curiosity wants to capture everything she sees and hears. Sound, music, art, architecture, the voices of the elderly, the voices of religious practices ... in short, signs and evidence of moments that will soon be a thing of the past.

PlayStation 5 Edition of the Season: A Letter to the Future:

  • Adaptive Trigger: The rider will use the trigger to pedal the bike and vary the resistance according to the speed and the type of surface.
  • Haptic Feedback: Changes in soil type will be noticed on the controller, as the texture of each terrain of the bike is different.
  • Tempest 3D Audiotech: With a special focus on the dimensional accuracy of sound origin, we worked on sound to provide a high quality "sound image" to the world we are exploring.
  • Fast loading: Virtually instant loading times make this adventure an almost instant experience and can be experienced without delay or loss of time.

"We're excited about the idea that we can give players time to spend their season in a game with a sense of loss and nostalgia, just like every player thinks Season: A Letter to the Future (for a variety of reasons). Our choices, what we choose to record or photograph, and what we discover about the game every hour we play, is a sequence of discovery and learning. Along the way, many decisions will be made from the heart about how to help the characters in the game and we have been touched while developing this project and will definitely touch anyone who plays it."- Kevin Sullivan, Creative Director of the Season: Letters for the Future.

Season: A Letter to the Future PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

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