Review: TransSmart Bang Bluetooth Speaker

The offer of Bluetooth speakers is growing and the sound reproduction quality is increasing as new offers appear in the market, although we see more affordable brands. Tronsmart Bang is a newly launched speaker that offers unique technology for around € 100.

But is this amazing in terms of sound? Find this and all its details.

Key Features

The TransSmart Bang is a new wireless speaker, with a Bluetooth connection (but not the only one), and a power of 60W. It combines two twitter and two woofer, which guarantees true stereo sound reproduction.

One of its features is that it includes a system of LED lights that can be defined by the user or changed to the rhythm of the music.

It guarantees an integrated battery, according to the manufacturer, it can play music for about 15 hours, the sound is 50%.

The TransSmart Bang features patented soundpuls technology, which provides a larger, more powerful sound than standard speakers. Another feature of this speaker is that it can be combined with a set of 100 other Bang speakers using Transmart Tunecon technology for the purpose of enhancing the visual experience. Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

Users, through the app, will be able to adjust some parameters, namely, playback modes such as Sound Pulse, Hi-Fi, Classical, Vocal, Deep Bass, Rock and 3D. It's all supported by Voice Assistant.

In addition, it is IPX6 certified, water resistant and allows you to charge other devices, such as the power bank.

The box contains only TransSmart Bang speakers, USB charging cable, 3.5mm male / female jack cable (for aux-in interface) and quick instruction manual.

Construction and design by TransSmart Bang

The TransSmart Bang is a strong and heavy speaker. It measures 361 x 183.4 x 150.3 mm and weighs 3.08 kg.

It has a handle that looks different with the brand's inscription on the side and the side of the whole structure, the LED lights that can change color according to the user's preference or the rhythm of the music. There are also "resonance membranes" for bass on the sides.

At the bottom of the mesh, on the front, there is also an LED strip coordinated by the sides. Below the handle, also towards the front, are several buttons and key indicators for operation.

The first is the NFC zone, followed by the battery level LEDs, followed by the TuneConn connection button. Then there are buttons to change the mode, volume (-), play / pause, volume (+), soundplus buttons as well as its status indicator and power button and bluetooth indicator. It should be noted that, in the manual, all actions that allow the buttons to be executed are indicated, in addition to the explicit ones related to them.

The back side has various connection interfaces covered with strong rubber, thus guaranteeing protection from water ingress. It has USB-A, USB-C, Aux-in port and even a microSD card slot.


The speaker has NFC feature. That way, faster Bluetooth pairing is possible, avoiding the usual extra steps to connect.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology is not only for music playback, where you can also use it for calls (since it has a microphone) and in addition, with your voice assistant Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana.

There is also TransSmart Tunecon technology that allows you to connect up to 100 Transmart Bang speakers in perfect harmony. We only had one column for testing, so its effectiveness cannot be proven in this review.

Sound quality

The Transmart Bang loudspeaker was designed to be placed indoors (outdoors) or in large rooms. This, according to the manufacturer, is a pillar for street parties.

It has a very wide range of sounds, where balanced bass and treble look different. Sound at a very high level, however, guarantees no sound distortion, but there is a limit that can vary with the music style and the mode chosen.

However, the sound balance with settings in the default mode (loose bass below 50% volume) is not fully guaranteed, so the equalization mode must be adjusted to suit the taste and requirements of each style of music.

It is also worth mentioning SoundPulse technology, which guarantees to increase the volume of sound compared to all other modes, without affecting the quality of reproduction.


The TransSmart Bang Speaker is available at € 99.99, which is a very attractive price due to the quality offered.

Sound reproduction, communication reliability and connection interface are the factors that positively highlight. Sound quality and its balance add to the many positive aspects, where you can expect a very loud sound level, given its size and battery-powered.

However, there seems to be something that needs to be improved. For example, it does not save the EQ mode setting between uses. Also, it does not have a custom EQ mode where you would expect the equivalent of at least 8 bands.

Autonomy can go up to 15h with a volume of 50% as indicated by the manufacturer. With about 75% noise, we reached about 10h of playback, which also gave us a lot of satisfaction. It is worth noting that the column can act as a USB powerbank.

Thanks to Tronsmart for providing the Tronsmart Bang column for pplware review.

TransSmart Bang

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