Return to Space Review |  The US space program is celebrating

Return to Space Review | The US space program is celebrating

“The earth is the cradle of humanity and you cannot be cherished forever; It’s time to dump her and move on. ” Back in placeCelebrating the resumption of manned spaceflight from the United States with American rockets and capsules – and of course, SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, sheds light on how his game changed as he attempted to colonize NASA’s ambitious plans one day. Tue

First, let’s go back a few years – more precisely, until July 21, 2011. That day, the space shuttle Atlantis returned from space, ending two tragic events and a largely marked event for NASA. In the absence of SpacecraftPaying billions of dollars for space on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft was the only way for NASA to get its astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

This situation began to change with the Commercial Crew program, an initiative by which NASA partnered with private companies to take astronauts to the ISS. In 2020, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behkenken, both from SpaceX, boarded a crew dragon capsule installed on a Falcon 9 rocket and went into orbit.

They traveled during the Demo-2 demonstration campaign, the first manned US launch since 2011. Since then, the space agency has not had to rely on Russia for a manned launch to its station, which could eventually happen again in the US. Soil. – It is worth noting that, however, we still saw US astronauts going to the laboratory and Russian spacecraft returning to Earth.

This is the change we are following Back in placeDirected by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vassarheli.

From ground to space

Such an important step for the US space program is not only easy to summarize in about 2 hours of production, but Netflix does documentary work and beyond that also offers risks, entertainment and stress for those who are watching. Here are some of the scenes that show the (almost obvious!) Expectations of the SpaceX staff during the first launch of the Falcon Family Rocket.

In these moments, as we wait for what might be successful flights or launch vehicle explosions in space or landing efforts, they appear to be terrified – which means that despite the damage to the rocket, there is also important education for adjustments and improvements required for new launches. . Some of the scenes in which Elon Musk appears are very tense.

Also shows the team behind the Back to Space mission launch (Image: Handout / Netflix)

Known for his eccentric behavior, the billionaire always pays close attention to SpaceX’s efforts and the progress of the process: in one scene, the anxiety is so great that he leaves the mission control room before realizing the consequences. Even those who are not fond of astrology find it easy to understand the reason for such discomfort.

Clarity in the context presented is a pleasing achievement Back in place. Of course, those who already know a little about the subject will quickly understand the company’s need to prove to NASA that it is willing to work in partnership – but, on the other hand, those who are not up to date on industry news will. Also be able to follow the progress of the event.

Finally, it is worth mentioning some of the milestones in the US space program, such as the Space Shuttle Challenger and the legacy of the Columbia and Apollo programs. Unfortunately, the mentions are brief and do not go into much detail about what happened in the crash or why NASA has not yet sent new astronauts to the moon. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Peeks behind the scenes

The International Space Station has been orbiting the earth for over 20 years, with staff from various countries. The legacy of the Orbital Lab is huge, and NASA and other partner space agencies often hold broadcasts, Q&A sessions and other events to bring people closer to the activities taking place there. It also includes the task of bridging the gap between astronauts and the public Back in place.

The Netflix production script seeks time to show the astronauts of the rotation complex to roam freely around the station or to celebrate the arrival of new crew members; In the second moment, we see Bob Behanken snap a sweetie floating on the station during a live interview. These are fun and light scenes that work to draw people’s attention to the work being done on the ISS.

Doug Hurley with Karen Nieberg and Jack Hurley (Image: Handout / Netflix)

There are scenes of Bob Behkenken and Doug Hurley being “peeked” at our daily routines with their families; In others, we see accounts of their wives (who are also astronauts!) Telling them how they coped and the challenges of working in space. The footage is concise and, in addition to being interesting, shows a side of the astronauts that can sometimes be forgotten during launches and experiments on the station.

While joking about the differences in each other’s routes, Behenken and Hurley also highlight the underlying risk of launching a Demo-2 mission. It is interesting to see them reminding the audience that they too have a specific fear – and these feelings reach their children who, though small, already understand some of the dangers. Nonetheless, the two faced the challenge and boosted their confidence in SpaceX and NASA.

The problem of extremism

It is undeniable that SpaceX had the astronomical significance to resume launching on the station for political and scientific reasons. This is proudly illustrated in the documentary of the streaming service, which praises the performance of Musk’s company and highlights that NASA recognizes that “a little help” will not go wrong. The problem is, at the same time, Back in place Trying to take advantage of some kind of unnecessary sympathy with him.

From time to time, Musk’s name returns to the headlines because of some controversial comment or action. Meanwhile, in the documentary he risks “dancing” for reporters while laughing or playing on the flamethrow.

But calm down, don’t get him wrong, Musk is not just in a “good mood”: remembering the Apollo program astronaut, whom he described as the protagonist, we see with tears in our eyes the world’s richest man, harsh criticism of NASA’s dependence on private spacecraft Kelly.

Musk’s company’s performance weighs heavily on the documentary (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

See, seeing the “other side” of a public figure like him is not a problem. The weight is due to the director’s lack of serious attention to the director’s attention to these “funny things” by the founder of SpaceX, who briefly wanders through areas that are unfavorable to him and puts everything else aside – for example, Boca Chika, the effects of SpaceX’s expansion in Texas or taking humanity to Mars. Not to mention the feasibility and consequences of going.

Lack of self-criticism also applies to the company, almost presented as NASA’s great savior. If SpaceX today can afford to blast rockets and then fix what is needed in the process until good results are obtained, it will take advantage of the legacy left by the state agency, its certifications and procedures – which are described as bureaucratic and slow but efficient.

At the end of Back in place, We see some preparations for the launch of the Crew-1 mission, the first fully operational mission launched by a commercial crew program. There is a feeling that something big is happening, started and provided by SpaceX and its technical and digital capsules, it seems to have come from a futuristic movie – and it is worthwhile to follow whatever else there is.

Back in place Available in the Netflix catalog.

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