Resident Evil 4: Six Breaking News

We didn’t have E3 this year, but there was no shortage of game announcements. And of all the leaks in the last few weeks, remakes Resident Evil 4 He was definitely the biggest. After months of speculation and broken rumors, Capcom has finally confirmed the redesign of one of the most important games in its history and of all time.

At Sony’s show in early June and its own presentation this week, the company made an impression of the title, which looks more horror-focused. The situation has gotten darker, the enemies are different and, from what we have seen so far, you can expect a slightly different version of the version that has been playing on practically all platforms since 2005.

Below, we separate the six elements that caught our attention and, more than a remake, illustrate why this is a retelling of the original title:

1. Focus on dark moods and panic

The main change appears at the beginning of the new trailer. Although it contained scenes of the day and other moments of sunset, the darker content of the game was evident. With that comes another change, the title of which seems to follow Survival Horror Focus which we saw in a recent remake. Resident Evil 2In place of the action atmosphere seen in its sequel and the original game.

Capcom has always talked about it Resident Evil 4 As a horror game, but those who played it know it’s not – it was the biggest change of title in 2005, entering a whole new era in the franchise. The same is true now, but this time around, the adventure with Leon is based on the past.

We still know very little about gameplay and, in particular, systems involving battle, saving resources, number of enemies, or weapons. But at least for now, the impression is that, in the end, Resident Evil 4 It will be a terrifying experience, and it will be as stressful as ever.

At least in the initial images, the look of the Resident Evil 4 remake is darker than in the original 2005 game, much like the recent remakes (Image: Handout / Capcom).

2. Leon more human

The shadows, by the way, seem to have seeped into this whole initial wave of revelations about the game. After a strange mystery in the first trailer of Resident Evil 4, Capcom reveals face of main character Leon Kennedy. And what we saw was a character who seems to be haunted by the events of the past, far from the good-natured, humorous agent of the original game.

Dark circles under his eyes, a serious expression, and make sure that this incident does not happen as the tone is set for a slightly different version of a character in Raccoon City. In the original franchise, Leon never forgot what happened in Zombie City, but for him many games, movies, betrayals and viral incidents became the bitterest version for him, including a glass of drink. At this point, both fears seem to have affected his personality much earlier.

Leon’s ability is undeniable and, of course, must be demonstrated in the remake Resident Evil 4. After all, if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be alone in Europe on a mission to save the daughter of the President of the United States. However, this does not mean that the task will be easy, the ghosts of your past will be on the way to find new companions.

Leon, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4, doesn’t seem to know what a good night’s sleep is since 1998, when he encountered zombies in Raccoon City (Image: Handout / Capcom)

3. New Stalker?

The image, which lasted less than a second, and the presence of the accessory caught the attention of fans in the days following its release. Resident Evil 4. In the instant flash of the first trailer was Bitoras Mendez, the village being the starting point of the game and the main enemy of the title. He’s wearing the same hat as the man who’s been haunted by recent titles.

Bitores Mendez’s hat in Resident Evil 4 may represent the character of Hat Stoker or just re-character models; What is your bet? (Image: Reproduction / Biohzard unclassified)

With this foresight, it was soon speculated that the “Big Boss” would now be Mr. X, in Resident Evil 2. While its height and posture are always inspiring, the idea reinforces the more intimate and less action-focused tone fans expect from this remake. Walking around the village, in their eyes, can be scarier than ever.

Or it could just be a reuse of concepts and even character models, as Capcom has often done. Throughout the trailer, it is possible to notice many similarities in the style of the remake Resident Evil 4 And Village, Which, since its announcement, has been cited by many as a kind of title. The new look of Bitoras could, after all, be another example.

As always, from Bitores Mendez, Resident Evil 4, and Mr. The structure of X in RE2 was similar; Looks like they’re even more identical now (Image: Revelation? Capcom)

4. Any more snippets with Ashley?

Ashley Graham is in the middle Resident Evil 4 Originally, Leon travels to Europe because of her, and the villain Osmond Sadler’s plan is centered around that girl – he wants to return the girl infected with the Las Plagas parasite, which will contaminate the center of American power. This should still be a detailed outline of the remake, but apparently, the role of the hostage will be more.

In the first trailer, we see Ashley run away from the forest and apparently he goes to the village. Anyone who plays the original knows that she is already in control of a small area in the castle, but living next to Leon, it takes time to appear in the title. More importance to her in the remake of Resident Evil 4Who knows, this may mean that Leon’s attitude towards the whole incident is closely linked to the story and his reflexes.

Ashley seems to have an even more important role in Resident Evil 4, who knows more playable bits than the original? (Image: Disclosure / Capcom)

5. Relationships with the past

Resident Evil 4 This has never been the most story-rich game between the franchise’s past and its future and its links. There wasn’t much to say about this in the trailer, but the image above makes many people guess about the thread that connects the remake to a recent movie. VillageThe markings on the stone are similar to those of Sigil, symbolizing the whole event, including Ethan, Rose, and Miranda.

He appears, precisely, when Sadler talks about Leon’s contagion with the Las Plagas parasite, which is also a definite moment in the game’s journey. And whose remake played Resident Evil 3 I know there are more connections here, this element being referred to as part of the illegal research of the umbrella that gave birth to nemesis – this issue did not exist in the original game.

Finally, we can include the above disturbing view of Leon, a direct reflection of the events he faced six years ago. And in just a few minutes of the trailer, we already have a strong connection to the past of the original series, in which, personally, the concentration of the storyline was only on the separate wedge extra content, which is the biggest problem. No more, let’s hope so.

The mysterious icon in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer has been compared to the secrecy seen in the village; Would this indicate more connections to the show’s past? (Image: Reproduction)

6. Resident Evil 2 and earlier development team

Is the main reason for making a remake of Resident Evil 4 Similar to the game that Capcom released in 2019, in addition to its own success, there is a team working on it. Director Yasuhiro Unpo and producer Yoshiyaki Hirabayya are back, both responsible for the new phase of the franchise, and the remake is so laudable that it was considered one of the best titles of the year of its arrival.

The pair also have more experience than representatives of a new era for the series. Anpo, for example, has been with Capcom since its first launch Resident Evil, In 1996, worked as a programmer on various titles of the company for the next 10 years. In Resident Evil 5He recently accepted the chair of production director by directing Spin-Off Revelation 2 And two previous remakes of the second and third titles in the franchise.

Hirabayashi did the work Resident Evil 4 Originally as a designer, he joined Capcom two years ago to contribute to the same game Thoughtful Joe, Dino Crisis 3 And PN03. He was one of the authors of the fifth game in the horror series before becoming a producer, leading the remake of the first remake. Resident Evil And, of course, the rethinking of Resident Evil 2.

The remake of the second game in the Resident Evil 4 series repeats the director and producer duo; Developers have been involved in the franchise for decades (image: screenshot / Felipe Demartini / Canaltech)

Remake of Resident Evil 4 It will be released on March 24, 2023. For now, the game has only been confirmed on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with no news on the latest-gen console versions.

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