Paris Hilton is now the queen of meteors

Paris Hilton is now the queen of meteors

Paris Hilton’s career is not just in the entertainment business. The heirs have invested in cryptocurrency, NFT, and also have their own metavers Paris World.

He appeared on the reality show after Paris Hilton debuted in 2003 “Simple life”, A pioneer in his style, in which she and Nicole Ritchie try to fit into a “simple life.” After five successful years, she needed to figure out what her next steps would be. Its own metavers, Paris World is an investment.

It was 2007 and there were no digital influencers. She wanted to take it all out on her own. “Before that name came into existence, I was influential. I am the creator of all this. “

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“People used to say I was famous just because I was famous, but now it’s a new kind of celebrity artist. I think it’s amazing to be able to build your reputation on your own, “he says.

She built a huge empire: 45 branded stores and 19 different product lines that grossed over $ 4 billion.

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Paris Hilton is the type who has her own perfume or her own doll. But the story becomes more interesting because it did not stop there and remained at the forefront of new technology. “I am a big fool in disguise. I don’t look like that on the outside, but on the inside I am. I’ve always been obsessed with technology, the future, video games, art, cryptocurrency. “

Paris Hilton in the crypto world

Hilton entered the crypto world in 2016 after having lunch with the founder of Ethereum. She started buying currencies other than Bitcoin and although she did not disclose how much money she invested, she would have made a lot of money if she had kept the stock.

In 2016, a bitcoin cost US $ 1,000 (R $ 4,700), while Etherium cost US $ 10 (R $ 47.20). Today, Bitcoin is trading at US $ 32,000 (R $ 151,000) and Etherium at US $ 1,900 (R $ 8,900).

During the epidemic, she began spending a lot of time on the Clubhouse app. She spent hours interacting with some of the brightest people in the NFT universe. “I met all the leaders in space and befriended amazing people. They help each other. It’s very different from Hollywood. “

I interviewed some of the biggest NFT personalities in the world a few months ago and they all mentioned Paris Hilton. I find this strange because apparently there is nothing in common with this male-dominated technology space.

But everyone I spoke to wanted to tell her great things about her: As she supports new artists (especially women), she’s smart and brings a new audience to the NFT world. “I wanted to use my voice and my platform to elevate these artists. I did a lot of projects, like Seven foundationsCalled women’s art exhibition Powered by Blogger And it was amazing. “

In the world of technology, it’s not just your partners who give you this credibility. Hilton was recently named 7thTh The most influential person in the NFTs by “Money” magazine. “In 2019, Cryptograph approached me because they wanted to raise money for the Australian Bushfire. So I took the iPad, removed my cat and called it Crypto Kitten, and we sold it to charity. ” “I was like, ‘Wow. This is amazing! Digital artwork can raise all these funds. ‘ And that was before the NFT Fed.

NFTs and Metaverse

For those who want to enter the world of NFTs, Paris Hilton has this advice: “I recommend that you start here. Basic protocol. They are a sensational platform with amazing artists always having fantastic charts. And when buying NFT, it’s important to do research to invest in projects that you believe in. ”

Hilton is also eyeing Metavers. “I have been thinking about Metavers and have been planning this for a long time; There was also a word for him. In 2018 when I was filming my documentary, ‘American Mem’, I have created this whole place where people can come and see me DJ and become their own avatars. I was mapping my own and creating this whole world, but the technology hadn’t come yet. “

Is now. She left Its Metavers, Paris World, In the Roblox gaming platform. “I can do amazing things, but not everyone can go to Neon Carnival or New York Fashion Week. So whatever I do, I bring in real life metavers. ”

The Neon Carnival at Paris World was attended by 400,000 people, and according to her, the actual event was attended by about 10,000 people. “I hope that one day, when I have a daughter, she just wants to go to parties in Metavers: safe and at home,” he says. “I like that I was the ‘Queen of the Club’ and now I’m the ‘Queen of Metavers’.”

She also recently started her own media company: 11:11 Average. “It is an integrated and modern media company. We do everything from digital, television, audio, products, licenses, NFTs, metaverse, “he says.

“After being in the industry for the last two decades, learning everything and understanding the creative economy, I just wanted a place where people could start their own businesses, products and content.”

And the general public gets a chance to work with her on 11:11 Media. Jobs in similar companies are not advertised, they are usually offered to people inside the industry. But Hilton is running her company differently.

She has partnered with employment platform ZipRecruiter to bring talent to the 11:11 team and meet the growing needs of 11:11 to build a wider network. To start a partnership, He started Raphael Yesterday (31), the winner of which takes a guidance program with Paris Hilton and members of her company.

Social work

Hilton has been working on school reforms in every state in the US, and has recently been in Washington to discuss new legislation, in addition to everything else he has done in his business life.

“I am involved in a lot of things now, but what I love most is advocacy. I have changed laws in seven states because as a teenager, I went to a school called Provo Canyon School and others like it, where emotional, physical, verbal and mental abuse took place. And this is still happening today. We are now taking it to the federal level so that it is illegal in all 50 states. “

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