Overwatch 2 |  News about PvP, Junker Queen and more

Overwatch 2 | News about PvP, Junker Queen and more

Blizzard hosted a broadcast this Thursday (16) to reveal more details about Overwatch 2. The game’s PvP (Player vs. Player) mode will be available for free on October 4 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In addition to following the program, we attended press conferences with Aaron Keller (director), Dion Rogers (art director), and John Specter (vice president). Overwatch And Professional Lead), Geoff Goodman (Lead Hero Designer), Gavin Jगेrgens-Fihri (Lead Narrative Designer), and Casey Helms (Senior Art Supervisor).

Here’s what Blizzard shared between the broadcast and the interview, including details of the game’s season and battle pass plans, promised PvE (player vs. atmosphere), details about the new protagonist Junker Queen, and more.

Overwatch 2 adopts game-age-a-service format

Snowfall accepted fan requests and successful models of many of today’s games. Unlike what happened in the first game of the franchise, PVP off Overwatch 2 It will be free for everyone. Like the titles that follow this format, the protagonist shooter will have seasons and battle passes.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Destiny 2 And Immortal Diablo. More details about this system will be revealed later. Blizzard noted that the season lasts about nine weeks and will occasionally bring in new playable heroes as well as new maps.

At the event, Aaron Keller admitted that Overwatch Failing to deliver satisfactory and frequent content for the first game, something highly rated by the community in recent years. It should be replaced with a free form, which promises a greater frequency of unpublished material. “It simply came to our notice then. We look carefully at our strategy in Overwatch 2 To ensure we can deliver new heroes, maps, modes and more to the community on a frequency and continuity basis.

Overwatch 2 features new characters, maps, and more, with two seasons already planned. (Image: Fame / Blizzard)

Plans for the first season

Already on October 4, at the start of early access, the game’s PvP will receive the following news: three new heroes (Sojorn, Junker Queen and a third support character not yet revealed); Six new maps (not yet listed, but we have confirmed seven locations for the game: New York, Toronto, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo and India); A new game mode called Advance; More than 30 skins never seen before; And finally, a mythical skin, which has a new rarity rating and can be customized by the player.

We already have an amazing example of mythical skin in the image below, which shows a similar appearance variation for Genji. According to the team, the idea is to release at least one skin of this type each season and, in addition to bringing custom options, it will also have an impact on the animation of the characters during gameplay. Keller used Genji’s skin as an example, noting that it was possible to choose from a variety of colors, weapons, and open the mask once the final activation. Rogers adds: “We’re trying to do something different for each mythical skin. We use our best artists to work on them. We have really great effects and details for them.”

The concept art depicts the legendary skin of genji with cyberpunk-style. (Image: Fame / Blizzard)

Cosmetics, including skins, emoticons and other unlockable items, can be obtained through the in-game store as well as Battle Pass – no longer lootboxes. Other prizes will be distributed through weekly challenges and achievements in competitive mode. In addition to the legendary leathers there are other cosmetic novelties: charms, small pendants that can be fitted to the arms of the characters; And also the flags raised by the heroes through animation.

The second season of Overwatch 2 The launch is set for December 6, and for that, Blizzard plans to offer a new Tank Roll Hero (not yet revealed), a new map, 30+ skins, a mythical skin, and of course, a new Battle Pass. Rewards for working again. For 2023, the idea is to release more characters, modes, maps, visual and long-awaited PvE content, which will bring a mission focused on the history of the franchise. Note that new maps and heroes will not be shown each season, as the team plans to work on an average of three characters and three locations per year.

In Overwatch 2, players will be able to customize their weapons with pendants (Image: Handout / Blizzard)

PvE is for 2023

First Overwatch The single-player campaign was not featured, which disappointed the players, but the game’s story was expanded by Blizzard through animated shorts, comic books, and storytelling. These characters are well-liked by the community, who have demanded more material focused on the story of the saga.

Blizzard plans to release PvE missions with story episodes throughout the season Overwatch 2, Which can be played in collaboration with friends. In the broadcast, it is said that the content will come through a “live service”, which does not specify whether it will be free or paid in the game store. Expect more conversations between the heroes during the game, which will provide information about the storyline. Overall, not many aspects have yet been defined for narrative content, with the team saying they are exploring the possibilities of how to expand the story into a game.

General changes to gameplay, visuals, and audio

As previously announced, Overwatch 2 Abandoned the six-by-six division and placed five players on each team (5v5). According to the development team, this change helps to make the gameplay faster and more dynamic, and increases the importance of each player in the battle. In this format, each group must select 1 tank roll character, 2 support and 2 attackers.

Significant changes have taken place in some of the heroes like Orissa and Dumfist. While the monster robot no longer has a shield and has a more aggressive role, the fighter is now associated with the role of the tank. Keller said the team is paying close attention to community feedback during the trial period and, as expected, will continue to make adjustments to the balance in the game.

“I don’t think we’ll see another redesign at Orissa’s launch, but until then there will be a lot of other changes for the heroes,” Keller explained. The director promises that most balance adjustments will be applied at the beginning of each season, so that meta will be explored by players throughout the season. John Specter underscores the team’s intention to interact regularly with all fans so that they are aware of the changes and motives behind them.

For the Dev team, Orissa deserves the biggest change. (Image: Fame / Blizzard)

Assassination maps (Hanamura, Lunar Horizon Colony, Paris, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries) are no longer part of Quick Play and Competitive Mode. With the advent of Overwatch 2, These areas can only be accessed for custom games or workshops. Keller explained the reason for the removal:

“Assault Map has some gameplay issues that we couldn’t fix. So we will not bring them back, at least in a permanently fast and competitive game. But what we want to do is create new maps out of some of these maps, or at least some of them. I love the tone and atmosphere of each of these places and I think they tell a legacy Overwatch Is. So we want to bring them back in some way, we have nothing to announce right now. ”

D.Va and her Mecca get the new default skin for Overwatch 2. (Image: Playback / Blizzard)

The scene, as you already know, is also different. Overwatch 2 runs on an unprecedented graphics engine, which brings more detail and texture, improved effects and other improvements to the environment. The original scene of many characters, including Tracer, Lucio, Mercy, Genji, Mei, DVA, has changed.

Finally, the sequel has general improvements in sound and sound effects, supporting Dolby Atomo technology, and a new generation console with 3D audio. The team also worked on new dialogues and dialogues for the characters (more than 25,000 unpublished lines were written and will gradually come into play).

The Junker Queen is coming

Queen Juncker promises to bring a lot of chaos and destruction to the overwatch. (Image: Fame / Blizzard)

Finally, after a few years of waiting, the Junker Queen (or Queen Junker in Portuguese) will come out as a playable character. Overwatch 2. She was initially identified as the Easter Egg from the Junkertown map that came in the first game in 2017. Since then, fans have been eager to see her fully in the game.

She plays the role of a tank in the game, a giant ax, a machete and a blade, affectionately called Gracie, which can be thrown. For the ultimate ability, Junker Queen creates a charge that tramples anyone on its path. Those who have been hit, in addition to the damage, their recovery will be zero. The developers claim that she is a great character to corner the enemy, as her blows are focused on close combat.

The character is Australian, described as ruthless, rude and very outgoing. “The team worked really hard to try and capture the Australian punk beauty for Junker Queen, which is reflected in its appearance, gameplay style and even the music in the cinematic video,” said Casey Helms, who also confirmed that Furiosa, from here Mad Max: Fury RoadServed as inspiration for the creation of the Queen.

To pique the curiosity of fans, Gavin Jगेrgens-Fihri noted that Junker Queen is not a Junkrat fan (she actually hates him), her relationship with Rodhog is “a little more complicated” and she is adamant about the racking ball. Of course, we will learn more about all these in-games, including the interactions between the characters in the matches.

Launch preparation

Overwatch 2 There will be another closed beta before launch, this time for consoles and PCs, in which we will be able to test Junker Queen – applications can be made here. On the big day of PvP’s debut, the entire multiplayer atmosphere of the first game will be combined with a sequel.

“Everyone is playing together and having all the materials available to all the players at the same time is very important for the team,” Keller commented. And don’t worry: your cosmetics from the first game will take over Overwatch 2. More details on how this all works will be revealed later.

The map set in Rio will be available at the launch of Overwatch. (Image: Fame / Blizzard)

Editor’s note: At this time, Activision Blizzard is being investigated on charges of sexual harassment, bullying and abuse. Click here for more information.

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