“NFT and Brazilian in Space”

“NFT and Brazilian in Space”

“I am a spaceman / in another place and time / I think I am looking for a brand new place” (Spaceman, 4 non blondes)

NFT is an acronym that most people still don’t understand. Using the term cringe at the peak of the wave is, among other things, metavers. Or, using more modern, hype.

Metaverse, the term is a bit more familiar, a form of coexistence between the virtual world and the real world, virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet and a good dose of harmony. NFT is short for non-fungible token. It is a tool for digital assets that, while facilitating the exchange of (virtual) hands through specific platforms, is being used for the most diverse purposes.

How much does NFT cost?

On the Internet, like the non-virtual world, everything has value and value. An old car can cost anything, but an old car can cost a lot. It depends on the feelings of the participants in the agreement. With artwork, more subjective, the same thing. And there are more concrete situations, such as the price of real estate, usually controlled by market value. After all, there are bubbles, which some people have noticed, that always burst.

In the virtual world it is no different. How much does a product or service add to its value added? It depends on factors such as innovation, scarcity, importance and perhaps most importantly desire.

A Brazilian has recently become world famous for buying three NFTs for around R $ 4,000. So far, nothing more. Many Brazilians have already spent immensely on NFTs.

Brazilian in space

In fact, he became famous for flying into space last Saturday, the 4th. Lucky (yes, I think … I’d love to travel through space too) is 28-year-old Victor Coria Hespanha. – An old engineer living in Belo Horizonte (MG). And how did he get there? A raffle in the crypto space agency company’s ad (see how lucky he is?) Where he bought that NFT.

The flight was in the New Shepard spaceship, owned by Blue Origin Company, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos (one of the Amazon), it returned to a city in Texas (USA) and took about 10 minutes. In addition to the Brazilians, there were 5 other people. On his Instagram profile, he commented: “It was very emotional, indescribable, surreal”. I believe!

Victor, however, was not the first Brazilian to go into space. In fact, he is considered a space tourist because, despite his pre-flight training, he did not have access to control of the spacecraft. Marcos Cesar Pontes, the first Brazilian aeronautical engineer to go into space, is known as an astronaut, and he went a long way: in 2006, staying in orbit for 8 days until the International Space Station.

What was once exclusive to government space agencies such as NASA (USA), Roscosmo (Russia) or ESA (European Agency) has now turned into a controversy between tycoon companies: SpaceX (Elon Musk), Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) and Virgin Galactic (Richard). Branson).

So, are you ready to go around the earth?


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