New Chico and Rocco projects – daily free NFT

New Chico and Rocco projects – daily free NFT

The new platform project Chico and Rocco is offering free NFT every day

Chico and Rocco Is an online platform for free artistic NFTs. The company offers new NFTs every day for free, including exciting themed NFTs with unique designs created by authors and designers from different countries. Art toys can be viewed from different angles in 3D and transformed into nice social media content using AR technology.

The collection already contains hundreds of different NFTs that can be collected and then sold on Opensea. The topic is growing and more and more people are signing up for it Stop screaming To collect gifts offered on the platform.

If you still don’t know, a NFTRead to the end of this post that we explained and summarized everything very well.

So you may be wondering, why do I need NFT? So, roughly speaking, NFTs can be sold for virtual currencies (for example: Bitcoin, Ethereum,…) and with the money you can buy diamonds for your freefire account.

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If you are interested in this topic, check out this article on the Nft Dicas website, which is very perfect, especially in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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What is NFT?

The current topic, NFTs, seems to dominate the entire Internet, and despite hearing about it, many people still do not know what it means.

In fact, short for NFT Non-fungal tokens Or “non-fungible token” in Portuguese. But do you know what a token or fungible is?

Token – What does it mean?

It sounds complicated but it is not! Think of a token as a digital representation of an asset, a product, artwork, money or any other virtual object.

Now, imagine this token with a unique identity in the database (blockchain), as if it were an individual’s CPF.

Blockchain is a technology used in the world of cryptocurrencies and the registration of tokens in this database proves that the property belongs to the person who registered it.

Functionality – What does it mean?

The term mold or mildew is less popular. When it is assigned to something, it means that the item can be replaced with the same type, quality and quantity.

For example, imagine a R $ 10 bill that, when two R $ 5 bills are exchanged, still has the same R $ 10 value. This means money is considered fungal. In the same way, you can separate 1 kg of rice from different packages and you will have separated the same amount of rice, which will remain the same.

On the other hand, a picture painted by an artist cannot change another picture because it is unique. Or, for example, the boot Neymar used in a particular match that gave the player the title could be considered non-fungible or non-fungible because the item is unique.

Finally, what is NFT?
Internet reproduction

In the end, this whole definition only makes sense to NFT.

NFT is unique, digital or physical. To become an NFT, a person must have a non-fungible token registered on a blockchain that protects property rights.

Keeping in mind that NFT itself is not registered on Blockchain, what is registered is a programming code that refers to the item.

In the last few days, the main NFTs that have been in the media are artifacts, NFTs game items, music and various other articles.

Source: NFTdicas

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