Nations League – Germany beat England again by scores of Italy and Hungary in football

Group A3 of the League of Nations football all focused on this Tuesday, with Germany ‘insulting’ European champions Italy (5-2) and Hungary ‘pushing’ England again (4-0).

In Monchengladbach, Kimich opened the scoring just 10 minutes later against the European champions outside the 2022 World Cup, and in a complete restructuring, Gundogan expanded to 45 + 4, just before the break.

The bis of Müller (51) and Werner (68 and 69) exposed the defensive ‘deviation’ of Transalpine, who still managed to reduce the loss with goals from Gnonto (78) and Bastoni (90 + 4).

The English team had not played with fans in Wolverhampton since 1956, but by the 80’s the English were already dropping hundreds of stands, another ‘insult’ and another defeat against the Hungarians, who had already won 1-1 at home. -0.

With a 6-3 ‘echo’ at Wembley in 1953 and a 7-1 in Hungary the following year, when Hungary was the most formidable force in European football, the English played with a low expulsion of the Stones (82).

Earlier, a practical guarantee of victory had already been given: Sallai ‘Bissau’, at 16 and 70, and Nagy won 3-0 at 80, with the Gazdag inflicting the worst home defeat of almost a century on England in the 89th year.

In Paul’s account, Hungary leads with seven points, one more than Germany, in second place. Italy is in danger of ‘going down’ with five and England with two.

In a more ‘predictable’ A4, the Netherlands had to endure ‘drama’ in extra time to beat Wales 3-2 and remain unbeaten on the lead with 10 points.

Goals from Lang (17) and Gakpo (23) provided a comfortable lead that did not last long, with Williams (26) and a penalty by captain Gareth Bale at 90 + 2 giving them a “guarantee”. Attracted to Welsh, permanent ‘victim’.

Still, ‘alternate’ Memphis Depp found a way to score the decisive goal in the next minute and sealed the victory.

Belgium are three points behind the Dutch, who had Benfica defender Vertonghen in the starting line-up and recaptured Poland with a goal from Batshuae in 16th place.

The Poles play at the ‘price’ of Welsh to survive the top flight in September, who have a four-point one for Lewandowski’s side.

In Group B1, Ukraine are one point ahead of Scotland, after drawing 1-1 with four-point Ireland. The Scots beat Armenia (4-1), last with three and second with six.

In ‘Paul’ B3, Bosnia and Herzegovina are in charge, after losing four games, beating Finland 3-2. Montenegro is in second place, one point behind, after beating Romania 3-0 at the bottom of the table this Tuesday.

In the third tier, Turkey is close to climbing to C1, with its fourth win in four games against Lantern Lithuania (2-0), who have lost all their games and are in danger of falling.

The Turks already have five more points than Luxembourg, with six games left to play, second only to the Faroe Islands (2-2) draw.

In D1, Andorra lost 2-1 against Moldova, but the highlight was the ‘captain’, the Portuguese-born Marcio Vieira, who made his debut for the national team at the age of 37 and with his 115th cap.

“Having 100 games and not having a goal … is one thing that is losing, but it’s not something that saddens me,” he told Lusa on the occasion of the 100th game for Andorns in 2020.

Despite Moldovan’s victory, Latvia entered the C Division after beating Liechtenstein 2-0 and continuing the match.

The League of Nations will return in September.


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