Motorola is amazed by this 200MP Samsung HP1 sensor

Motorola is amazed by this 200MP Samsung HP1 sensor

The Samsung Responsible for the development of various components for smartphones and mobile devices, from memory chips to image sensors. Indeed, one of its most daring image sensors Samsung HP1 With a maximum resolution of 200 MPIt is yet to make its debut in the market MobileBut Motorola Already expected.

Although Samsung itself is not the first manufacturer to use this HP1 sensor, we already have a strong alternative in the form of Motorola. Indeed, this North American technology has already expressed its interest in this component. In addition, he revealed that he will be putting on his next high-end mobile phone for his debut soon.

The first Motorola smartphone with Samsung HP1 sensor will arrive in July


Making changes in the past, Xiaomi was the first manufacturer to use Samsung’s 108 MP sensor after its debut. Now, with the new industrial-built Samsung HP1 200 MP, Motorola will be the first to deploy its capabilities.

In fact, Motorola itself, through its social networks, has already announced that “a new quality standard for image capture, not limited by parameters, will be explored with the new era of mobile photography with 200 MP”. In short, Motorola has already stated its intention to use this new sensor and explore its capabilities.

So we have the official launch of the new high-end Motorola Moto smartphone in July. In this sense, the most recent leaks of information, as well as rumors and shares to date, suggest. Incidentally, we remember the sharing carried out below Liquor Roland Quandt already at the beginning of the year.

Motorola’s smartphone with Samsung HP1 sensor arrives in July

Samsung Motorola

In addition to the new Samsung HP1 image sensor, the Motorola mobile phone will integrate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, the most powerful chipset currently available for Android smartphones. Moreover, in this smartphone known as “Frontier” we have standard fast charging at 125 W power.

It is important to note that the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor is 1 / 1.22 inch and each pixel is 0.64 m. In addition, the sensor supports ISOCELL 3.0 technology which, in practice, collects information from four adjacent pixels depending on the scene being photographed. That is, if necessary, the sensor can produce 50 MP images.

Motorola has released a teaser dedicated to the upcoming announcement of the new smartphone. The teaser also reveals a key feature of the module: its sensor will have a resolution of 200 MP. Inside, we’re talking about the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor (1 / 1.22 “, 0.64).

– Yaroslav Gavrilov  (@appletester_rus) June 10, 2022

Furthermore, the Samsung sensor is capable of recording 8K resolution video up to 30 fps with great detail maintenance. Also, according to Samsung, it will offer unprecedented versatility for capturing images and photography on any mobile device using the HP1.

Finally, we are now waiting for the confirmation of the launch date of this Motorola smartphone, which must be complied with by the Xiaomi device with the same component. Then we will have Samsung smartphones using their ISOCELL HP1 sensor.

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