Microsoft’s free event discusses the benefits of a low-code platform for application development

Microsoft’s free event discusses the benefits of a low-code platform for application development

The “Empowerment Week” from June 27 to 29 shows how students, entrepreneurs and professionals can benefit from technology to transform and facilitate business and people’s lives.

Between June 27 and 29, Microsoft is hosting Empower Week, a free and digital program with the benefits and trends of code platforms (Less code And Here-Code, In English). They allow people without technical development knowledge to apply applications and professional developers with less code, thus contributing to the democratization of technology in various fields. For three days, Microsoft officials, influencers and partners discuss the issue.

Accordingly, Deloitte research only involves the code building process Less code (Less code) can be 50% to 90% faster than the traditional approach, because the software automatically generates the lines, making it easier to create. Apps For those who do not know the programming language, but also those who have mastered this technology can benefit, which will free up time for these professionals.

“To democratize the country’s technological development and allow any professional or student to become a ‘developer citizen’, to create applications that bring benefits to their daily lives, whether they are experts or not,” says Markondes Faria, director of the product. For Dynamics 365 and Power Platform from Microsoft Brazil.

Charles Lamanna, chief vice president of Microsoft’s low-code application platform, will inaugurate “Empowerment Week,” which will feature breaking news and investments in the company’s future. Low-code / no-code.

The first day of the event was a practical example of how few or no code tools are basic to assist in technical development, with demonstrations of successful cases like Razin, which were implemented. Less code In agriculture and mills. In addition to Zurich, which showcases the benefits of this technology in the insurance industry, there will also be a special panel at the Big Brother Brazil home to showcase the Power Platform Hackathon organized by the Red Globo.

We will have the participation of exclusive partners from Microsoft, Alfapeople, Blueshift and KPMG, which will bring focused content. Less code. In addition, Kakau Show will show how Power BI is being used to create a data culture in the company, one of the many influencers present at the three-day event, Karin Lago, will talk about how to visualize data. From various sources in Power Apps and the influential Danilo Ciclioti, will present the session “Troubleshooting Serious Problems with Power BI”.

The third and final episode of “Empower Week” brings Valle’s success story, which will show how Less code In addition to the participation of other influencers such as Heber Lopez, Fernando Garcia, Vitor Dantas and Irmaos Romao, they can contribute to corporate governance, which will be presented by journalist Adriana Bittar.

“In this program, we want to arouse the interest of people who do not yet know the power of change Less code. Our goal is for people to attend the event and come up with ideas for improving or creating applications that bring harmony to their daily lives. We are definitely ready to help them with our solution, “said Farias.

Agenda – Strong Week

Date: June 27 to 29

Start: Always at 9am.

Free registration and full agenda is available on the website.

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