Microsoft Windows 10 June 2022 Confirms new issues with updates

Microsoft Windows 10 June 2022 Confirms new issues with updates

The Windows 10 June 2022 cumulative update is now available for all supported versions of the operating system. This month’s cumulative update fixes a number of issues, including bugs that prevent Microsoft Excel and Outlook from running. Another bug that affects the Internet Explorer mode window has been fixed.

Although the list of fixes for Windows 10 is in the June 2022 update (KB5014699), as the company has fixed a number of issues, Microsoft has also issued a warning. According to the updated release notes, a bug in the Windows 10 June 2022 update may disable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in the operating system.

It is very common to use your smartphone or tablet as a personal hotspot to ever share your ultra-fast 5G wireless internet connection with other devices. On Windows, it’s also possible to create hotspots and share the Internet with other devices. In fact, you can use the hotspot feature built into Windows 10 as a Wi-Fi extender.

After the Windows 10 June 2022 update, users will no longer be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Reports from the Feedback Center confirm this:

“After installing KB5014699, I was having trouble resetting the network connection every 5 minutes. This includes RDP sessions, SMB sessions, and sessions between Bridge and IoT devices. When I disable network bridge, which is essential for working with my IoT device, the problem disappears, “said one affected user.

“Enabling Internet connection sharing disables the ability to access the web on the computer sharing the connection. Sites running on localhost are also permanently circulating and out of date, “said another user.

“Enabling ICS also destroys the RDP capability of computers connected to the network adapter to which the Internet connection is being shared. Specifically, I can connect to port 3389 via Telnet on a computer sharing a connection, but the RDP client is always running. Dimensions “, the affected user explained how the RDP was also broken due to the error.

Microsoft has already updated the documentation to highlight bugs that cause users unexpected problems when using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. If you are affected, the host machine may lose its internet connection.

In other words, this error can disconnect your device’s WiFi network. If your device’s Internet connection has been working strangely lately, it may be due to a cumulative update. You can fix the problem and restore Internet access to the hosting device by disabling the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. To completely disable WiFi hotspots, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Open Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Hotspot.
  • Under “Share my internet connection from here”, make sure the “Share my internet connection with other devices” option is turned off.

In most cases, following these steps should fix your Windows 11 WiFi issues.

Windows 10 June 2022 update issue

In addition to the broken WiFi, Microsoft is aware of another bug in the Windows 10 June 2022 update where users will not be able to sign in with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

This affects apps and services that use Azure Active Directory, and some users may experience issues with VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Outlook.

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