Metaverse Civil Construction Revolution

Metaverse Civil Construction Revolution

Imagine the reaction of a person interested in buying a property. If it’s on the floor plan, she goes to the real estate agency and learns the 3D project, Folder Presentations and all graphic content of the enterprise. If so Show room, Well-equipped stand, has a better dimension of what the finished property will look like. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. New technology is beginning to solve a problem.

With the expansion of Metavers, a virtual world that proposes to replicate the physical world in a powerful way, experiences designed for civil construction take on a new level. First of all, because it is already possible to know the property without leaving home. But technology is showing even more incredible evidence of how much augmented reality can offer in terms of satisfying innovations in daily life that we only know in the real world.

A real estate venture goes beyond the apartment. In Metavers, it will be possible to see the front view, to enter the building, to know the social area, elevator, parking space. And a representative of the realtor or the construction company itself accompanies the presentation of each site.

And why not? Through partnerships with furniture manufacturers, for example, it will be possible to reassemble the property using a collection of furniture for each room. Everything to the customer’s liking! The experience of fully knowing a highly personalized product, while not yet ready, is an absolutely admirable reality with Metavers. Humanity will soon find itself in a giant The Sims, that classic computer game, much more real than you can imagine.

But this new world, which has emerged from the point of view of humanity, marks an important stage, but it is far from being the first for civil construction. BIM – Abbreviation for Building information modeling, Or Building Information Modeling, in translation – is a revolutionary system that has been implemented over the years by some of the best engineering companies in the country. It is currently the most modern in the field of civil construction.

Moreover, its potential is somewhat closer to what Metavers offers, if we take into account that not every normal user has the necessary tools to run a BIM at home except for the need for uninstall. However, the presentation allows the client the idea of ​​”traveling” through the enterprise and goes beyond the limits Show roomExtended to all other physical dependencies of the building.

We can say that digital progress is changing the world Pixels Today’s reach is only a privilege of our physical reality. There is a lot to be evolved, but we have to face new opportunities every day to give customers an experience of other levels that promise to increase their demand. Soon, leaving home can be a hurdle for someone not to deal with. Even the most valuable and symbolic product is the acquisition of property.

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