Metavers in the pharmaceutical sector: Three tips to follow this movement

Like the retail industry, the digital shopping environment, virtual reality experience and easy payments will bring scalability to the pharmaceutical industry.

By Giovanni Oliveira

In late 2021, we were introduced to Metavers: “Embedded Internet where you are experiencing, just don’t see it”. Those are the words of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg.

Considering the new proposal on the scene, it is our intention to raise some issues regarding the convergence of metavores and the pharmaceutical market associated with all the avenues leading to the technology affecting this segment. This new generation of platforms focuses on human, welfare and customer experience. Factors that meet the principles and values ​​of the pharmaceutical sector.

Like the retail industry, digital shopping environments, virtual reality experiences and easy payments will bring scalability to the question section. Pharmacies can serve a large number of customers and reduce fixed costs. Therapies and applications in medical services can be a reality in pharmaceutical metavars, expanding revenue sources.

To include areas in this new digital experience, we were able to establish three possible ways:

1) Hire a specific person in the organization to dedicate a few hours a week to researching themes and possibilities of Metavers and how they fit into your business model;

Two) Encouraging initiatives to get closer to startups through the Open Innovation Program;

3) Observe these problems more and more to understand the “pain” and possible solutions to their problems, in order to get closer to the challenges and desires of its customers. Metavers offers a number of technologies that can help, such as virtual reality, asset tokenization, BlockchainPlatform for immersive healthcare experience and many more.

The pharmaceutical startup segment is hot, has potential and still lacks exploration. Pharmacy Retail has approximately 90,000 stores distributed across the country and this provides a very attractive financial number.

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 acceleration technology in this market, which attracts good business for entrepreneurs who want to serve the segment. Not to mention the growing healthcare situation in the pharmaceutical network, which is opening up opportunities for health startups in this area.

Looking at the medium and long term, the prospects for technological development in the areas of services, logistics, management, data, e-commerce, sales and healthcare are very promising. Adding to channel integration All channels, The pharmacy will no longer be just a place to buy medicines but also an environment of well-being and human relationships. This will be provided by the implementation of innovative measures brought by startups focused on all areas.

*Giovanni Oliveira is the CEO of Pharma Ventures

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