Metavers are already a reality in Brazilian education

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Inside the Colosseum, in the center of ancient Rome, students can see the crowds spread out from the crowded stands and interact with people and objects as they follow the events of the day. This view may seem strange, but it is one of the possibilities offered by Metavers for the processing of teaching and learning materials, from childhood education to higher education.

Although very interesting, this almost magical world is still far from the reality of most students in Brazil and the rest of the world. For Luciana Allan, PhD in Education at USP, specializing in digital technology applied to education, schools, teachers and students will still have some time to believe in these resources.

“Before we think metaverse, It is important to understand that we do not yet have the technology that allows us to enjoy all the possibilities. It requires state-of-the-art equipment, which is not the case in Brazil, “he said.

Currently, technical resources are already being used in many areas of education. One of them is so-called gamification, which means teaching through electronic games. Giselle Corso, coordinator of digital content for the education system in Brazil, says that this type of application is necessary to attract the attention of children and adolescents: “Sports is a language that is already used by students. So, all you have to do is learn how to use that particular material to achieve your educational goals. ”

Learning Brazil Learning System, aimed at the municipal public school system, already has two games available for free for children in public and private schools throughout Brazil: “Charadas do Corpo Humano” and “EU Soo DJ”. In addition, children have access to augmented reality content in many curriculum components.

Education paves the way in metavers

But still what is Metaverse? Louisiana explains that it is “an immersive environment in which people assume an ‘avatar’, a character, and interact with this environment and the activities that take place there. This is a very common concept in the world of sports and has been introduced into education.”

In this way, the student will be able to participate in scenes such as the Coliseum, for example, or even in the operating room, where, with their colleagues, it will be possible to participate in the operation. Here are some examples of how this innovation can help in learning.

“The possibilities are many. It is possible to provide Access to informationAllow children to access different resources, create personalized pathways for each moment, create opportunities for interaction and collaboration, ”the experts highlight.

However, this is a new way of teaching and working and therefore, it is necessary to invest in the process of training teachers to cope with this technology and to understand all the possibilities offered by this environment.

Unless this happens and the necessary tools are available to everyone, it is a good idea to rethink the material that has been used to promote practical experiences that help students assimilate what is being taught. Finally, Louisiana reminds us that it’s not just about technology, it’s about “understanding the potential of these tools and the contribution of each of these resources to learning objectives.”

The 45-episode podcast of the podcast PodAprender, produced by Editora Aprendy Brazil, is a guest in Louisiana, with the theme “Effects of Multiverse on Education”.

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