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This text already starts separately. Usually the journalist signs the article and gives information about where he has written it. The point is, I traveled to Sओo Paulo to gain access to Virtual Reality (VR) glasses that allowed me to go into Metavers. Here’s what happened: The idea is that you will need a special device to experience the future of the Internet. Our interviewer, Maren Lau, regional vice president of META (formerly Facebook) for Latin America, disagrees. She believes that Metavers will have many “entry points”, of which cell phones are practically in everyone’s pocket.

Maren says Metavers has been the biggest business opportunity since the invention of the Internet. She offers tips for content creators and companies who want to swim in this new reality. It also speaks to the security of new environments that have a high probability of colliding with the toxicity of other networks. You will see the answers further down.

But first, I need to give my personal account of how it is to be interviewed in Metavers about the Metavers proposed by MetaConglomate. Will be one metain interview?

What is Metavers? Understand the Facebook renaming project

Maren Lau speaks directly to TechTudo from Metavers – Photo: Revelation / Meta

Close your eyes and imagine a meeting room with the beauty of The Sims. The table has a semicircular shape, with a screen in one corner. There are many places available. If you look to the left, you will see a huge panel for real-time notes like a blackboard. Absolutely corporate space, right?

However, when you look to the right you can see the rock formations and the calm sapphire sea. The smell of sea air just disappeared to fool this reporter from Rio. Okay, not for that, but in fact we see a paradigm shift in this type of 3D construction. Since it is possible to create any environment, why not do something different from the habits of the people in this material world?

Meta Quest 2 – Photo: Revelation / Meta

To get to this place you need glasses with a battery life of two, maybe three hours. That’s not much. Adaptation comes quickly with a little load on the head. High resolution screen does not define the pixels that make up the image.

There are speakers in both corners that create a stereo effect. When there are a lot of people in the room it is welcome because you can tell where the sound is coming from.

This is the biggest challenge of virtual reality and, therefore, of metavers: being able to replicate the experience before the eyes. Meta tries to create artificial intelligence to move the faces of avatars when the real voices of the people come. This is pretty deceptive, but the moments of failure are enough to protest that it is not yet a perfect solution.

Another problem is related to the feet of 3D characters: they do not exist. All the joys of the atmosphere created in the workrooms, one of the company’s platforms, consisted of only small dolls visible from the waist down. At first it was fun and different, but then it got a little weird.

Finally, the interaction with the 3D elements occurs through sensors in the controls of the VR glasses. They should stand at a nearby table to map their gestures. You can access a 3D computer in Metavers and perform certain tasks. It requires skill and a little patience. Clicks and taps don’t always work the first time.

Top Five of Avatars on Workrooms Platform – Photo: Revelation / Meta

This is exactly what happened – Photo: Theseus Veloso / Tektudo

Sometimes dolls suddenly change their position. In particular, fists make unnatural movements – I would say they attack our human biology.

All of these reports help me to conclude that it was interesting to participate in this metavers experience, but I do not know if I will still accept future meetings in a limited environment. It probably makes more sense for games and applications that attract playfulness. If the idea of ​​replicating the physical world in digital is, at least for now, the feeling is that there is still a long way to go.

Maren is with you to face this path. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

TechTudo – What’s the vision? The goal to metaverse?

Maren Lau – Metavers is an evolution of social technology. We understand that this is the next step in the Internet, with the creation of social and immersive experiences. It’s not just virtual reality because it can be accessed in both 3D and 2D. He will allow things that are impossible in the physical world, such as the co-existence we are currently in.

The The goal Having worked on the project for years, he also bought Oculus for it. What are the rules of coexistence in metavers?

We have created a number of living conditions, such as the recently announced individual boundaries. If I don’t think you should contact my avatar, I can set personal limits. We will continue to work with other artists in the ecosystem. Privacy, security and inclusion are our priorities.

Social networks in general face challenges like bullying in the online environment. How to stop this in Metavers?

We need responsibility in the beginning, because then we can do everything consciously. Metavers will take 15 years to complete. Meta invested US $ 50 million over two years so that NGOs, organizations, educational and civic actors could conduct research and take the necessary action to create this new environment responsibly.

WhatsApp Concepts in Metavers – Photo: Reproduction / Meta

What are the opportunities for brands and manufacturers?

Many officials ask me if this project is for five, ten years then why bother with Metavers now? The truth is that Metavers will be the biggest financial opportunity after the creation of the Internet. Brands and individuals will have the opportunity to build and co-create with features we haven’t seen since the beginning of the web. For example, the car company allows the user to select parts, assemble the vehicle, and then view the final result in the garage. It becomes a close experience. My tip is to start building right now. Today, Instagram users spend 20% of their time on Reels. People are already using this format. Content creators can help companies build bridges with new communities.

Spark AR Platform Allows You to Create Augmented Reality Filters – Photo: Disclosure / Meta

Do you intend to enable manufacturers to operate metavers tools?

Brazil is one of the largest producers. Some people have a very advanced knowledge of this technology using the Sparks AR platform. It is a very easy tool to learn and use. Augmented Reality Filters is a new beginning. This allows us to see some of the future of Metavers on Instagram. We are committed to educating influencers. We want companies to start learning about new features.

Is there room for diversity and equality?

People can choose what their skin tone will be, so that their identity will be reflected. It is very important to have multiple hair options or a wheelchair avatar. We recently invited black designers to create filters that best represent a variety of skin types. On the other hand, the issue of language in Latin America is also important. The No Language Behind Project [Nenhuma Língua para Trás, em português] Provides real-time translation with on-screen subtitles. The idea is to have this functionality in audio sometime. We’re talking Portuguese with you in the same virtual room, I speak English and someone speaks Guarani.

The journalist traveled to Sao Paulo – at the invitation of – to enter Metavers The goal.

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