Media Day

As every year, PROPMARK has created a special in this edition in honor of the Media Day to be celebrated on 21st June. In recent years, it has become increasingly important for business professionals to keep abreast of changes in the communications market, as channel multiplication has led to radical changes in the media.

As a result, the media department became more strategic for business. And the Brazilian market has a competitive advantage over others by incorporating itself into the structure of agencies, a model that facilitates action and campaign planning, especially when the field has multiplication skills such as performance, programmatic, game. , Metavers, Social Networks, Data, Branded Content and Real-Time Tracking Room.

And with increasing number of connected customers, the pace of adoption of new technology decreases rapidly with each innovation. This is a big challenge for media professionals, to get them more involved with the trend and to encourage and encourage them to recognize the bubbles that still appear due to this speed.

The future will be very promising and challenging – Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency Massification, Metavers, Extended Reality and NFTs. And as opposed to all this communication, technology is a great ally in the work of process automation.

The biggest challenge in this area, undoubtedly, lies in the training of new professionals, as media professionals are currently in high demand and the bottom of the pyramid needs to be replaced with reviews and media use to understand the new differences among the audience. On target. It goes without saying that mindset is one of constant learning.

And, with all of this, topics such as diversification, ESG policies and equity are also on the agenda, as observed by Paulo Cesar Quiroz, head of operations at RZK Digital. “Co-managing with brand managers is to provide opportunities for new, diverse and innovative, minority-focused businesses to attract investment. Unfortunately, the market in media selection is a bit clear and support for new ventures is new and small. “

The fact is that the media is reviving. Investments grow again and return to normal. After a 13% decline in 2020, compared to the previous year, due to the epidemic, PwC plans to increase advertising investment in Brazil by 2025.

Media purchases increased 19% in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year. According to a survey by Cenp-Meios, volumes in the first quarter were BRL 3.4 billion, compared to BRL 2.8 billion in the same period in 2021.


Cannes Lions
The Brazilian market awaits the return of the Cannes Lions, the world’s largest creativity festival, starting this Monday (20) and running until Friday (24) at the French Riviera. While no one is sure what it will be like, some think they won’t find the long lines that once characterized the palace, while some are eager to meet again.

PROPMARK will have an on-site delegation with five journalists, who will provide full coverage of the festival. Special thanks to our sponsors who made the tour possible: Itaú, AlmapBBDO, Hands, b.drops, Ogilvy, ABA and WT.AG.

Armando Ferrentini is the publisher of PROPMARK

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