Marie Moon, one of the first influencers in Brazil, launched the series on cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web3 on Instagram

Marie Moon, one of the first influencers in Brazil, launched the series on cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web3 on Instagram

Marie Moon, a pioneer in the creation of content via the Internet for a wide audience, can be considered one of the first successful Brazilian digital influencers. With more than 18 years of activity on the network, the former MTV VJ and presenter is now launching a series on the main trends in the cryptocurrency industry, according to a Sao Paulo State report published last week.

According to Marie, the series has an educational profile and intends to offer up-to-date information on the subject to its 703,000 followers on Instagram in a quick, easy and direct way:

“I’m launching a series of educational videos on Instagram to explain the one-minute terms and news of so-called Web 3.0, such as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metavers. The idea is to add experts and bring new information to the public.”

In parts of the series, it is her intention to hire experts to handle topics that are not always easy to understand, such as the differences between the current Internet and Web3, NFTs as digital asset certificates that give their holders possession of the transmitted goods. Numerous possibilities to explore the immersive digital environment on the Internet freely and through metaverse.

The technical aspects of cryptocurrency technology are also covered in the series. Like a video in which Effective invites programmer and software developer Atticita to explain what a blockchain network is like in a minute.

In the second video in the series, Marie attempts to decipher the impact of cryptocurrencies on the environment, the most widely used argument for underestimating technology by those who oppose digital assets.

Important: Videos do not provide any guidance on financial investment or buying and selling recommendations on specific assets.

3 stages of internet

When Marie began creating and publishing original content on the Internet 18 years ago, the World Wide Web was still in the early stages of its evolution, the influencer recalls.

The Web 2.0 era allowed content creators to transmit their work through social networks, build audiences, and generate revenue through centralized platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Users of large companies.

Now, Web3 has proposed a new way to distribute value across network components, in a decentralized way, which allows users to control their own data.

In addition to a new series about the cryptocurrency industry, the former MTV VJ is investing in a tourism blog, in which she shares her personal experiences of her travels around the world with her followers.

The involvement of Brazilian culture and sports personalities is growing with Web3-related initiatives. Hulk, a former member of the Brazilian national team currently playing for Atletico Mineiro, has recently launched a collection of NFTs whose revenue will be determined to protect the Amazon rainforest, Cointelegraph Brasil recently reported.

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