Lacoste enters web3 by launching NFT

Lacoste enters web3 by launching NFT

Lacoste has announced that it is entering a new era by launching a virtual experience called Lacoste UNDW3.

The Paris-based luxury brand in France has announced its entry into Web 3.0 with a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to the company, the goal is to create an online community around the brand. Furthermore, Lacoste aims to communicate with its customers in new ways.

In total, 11,212 NFTs will be put up for sale, a reference to a special polo shirt from a brand called L1212. Digital collectibles will go on sale for 0.08 ETH excluding network charges. That’s about $ 96 (or approximately R $ 500), given Ether’s current value of $ 1,200.

Lacoste UNDW3 focusing on NFTs

NFTs were launched a week after the brand launched Discord Server for the initiative, Lacoste reported in a statement.

In the first two days alone, the channel had 30,000 subscribers, indicating the interest of users in Lacoste’s NFT.

As mentioned, the project name is UNDW3 (pronounced underwater or “underwater” in Portuguese). And, each token in the collection will give its holders access to a “long-term affiliate community.”

Brand says, “For example, collectors can reap unique digital, physical and empirical benefits from a leading ecosystem and the world of crocodiles, as well as products co-created just for them.” “

Also by brand, members of the Lacoste WEB3 community will be part of the brand’s decentralized autonomous body (DAO). This means that they can participate in decisions about the manufacturing process.

“Since we all love to show off, you will also have access to special products and events! As a member of Lacoste DAO, you will be part of the creative process of Lacoste underwater products and partnerships.

Stocks with even down markets

Finally, Lacoste highlighted on its Twitter account that the action is independent of the current market situation. It is worth noting that in recent months, especially in recent weeks, the crypto market has been experiencing drastic drops.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), metaverse tokens, and NFTs all suffered severe depreciation. But regardless, Lacoste said he was willing to enter that market.

“Virtual reality, metavers साठी for us, these technologies are the future, whether the market is red or green. We can’t talk about it anymore: be prepared. ” Said.

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